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Two Very Short Stories

April 22, 2014 | By

Two very short stories about human interactions with animals, in the wild and in the city.

The Man And The Lion


He peeped in the bush. He saw a lion.

He peeped in the bush. He saw a lion.


Once a man was walking by the forest. He saw a small colourful butterfly flying in the sky.

He felt happy and wanted to catch the butterfly. When he was chasing the butterfly, he suddenly heard a noise behind the bush.

He thought it was a deer and went close to the bush. He peeped in the bush. He saw a lion. He got afraid and he slowly tripped back without making noise and he ran away!!


The Browny Dog


The girl named the dog “Browny” and they both became friends.

The girl named the dog “Browny” and they both became friends.


Once a girl was playing in the park. She saw a mango tree and wanted to have the mangoes. When she was looking at the mangoes, she saw a lonely little dog under the tree.

The little dog looked like her pet dog “Pinky” which she had lost. So she took the dog to her home. When she went inside her home, her mother was cooking in the kitchen. She called her mother and told about the little dog she found in the park.

Her mother was happy to see the dog and appreciated the girl for her kindness. The girl named the dog “Browny” and they both became friends.

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