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A Tribute to My Motherland – India

August 24, 2021 | By

Dr. T. Rama pens an inspiring and emotional tribute to the magnificence, glory and ethos of our beautiful country, India.

Dr. T. Rama, vice-principal, won the second prize at the District level for this poem, ‘A Tribute to My Motherland — India’, which she submitted to the ‘Unity in Creativity — Desh Bhakti Geet Writing Contest’. The Ministry of Culture conducted competitions as part of the 75th Independence Day celebrations, Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. The results of the contest were announced in February 2023.

‘A Tribute to My Motherland — India’ was first published here on LnC.

Oh my beautiful Mother

With your exquisite form

With the mighty Himalayas as your crown

With the blue and placid waters

Lapping at your sides and feet

You are a sight to behold


Oh my loving Mother

With your arms spread wide

From West to East you stand

With a welcoming smile

With tenderness in your eyes

That draws many to your bosom


Oh my benevolent Mother

With your bountiful resources

With riches past compare

With spices fragrant

You nurture all inhabitants

And spread allure to nations


Oh my heroic Mother

With boldness defined

With numerous battles faced

With pain in shackles endured

You still forgive and persist

In spreading love and warmth


Oh my inspiring Mother

With gifts of ancient wisdom

With the awesome force of spirituality

With sacredness enrobed

You have birthed many

A great personality


Oh my glorious Mother

With humility in greatness

With modesty in erudition

With strength in meekness

You are an epitome of power

A Guru to the world


Oh my magnificent Mother

With the aura of knowledge

With the halo of peace

With the calm of contentment

You spread the message

That pride is of no avail


Oh my noble Mother

With boundless charm

With endless culture

With ageless beauty

I bow to you reverentially

And pray: Glory be unto you

Glory be unto you…

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I am an educational professional teaching English to undergraduates, PG, CAT, GMAT aspirants, and other professionals. I have been teaching for more than 25 years now. Besides teaching I wish to create a positive impact on students with my practical approach to life. I believe in the saying “Whatever happens, happens for our good.”
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