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Tips for Playing A Safe & Enjoyable Holi

March 3, 2014

The chemicals used in the colors during Holi can wreck havoc on your skin and hair. Here are a few tips that can help you ensure a safer Holi.

Tips for Holi

Removing gulal from the face can be a nuisance. Apply moisturizer to protect your skin.

Holi is just around the corner and people are all set to drench each other in colored water, and smear gulal (Holi colors) on each other.

By the time these festivities and fun-filled celebrations are over, people are full of colors and stains that are hard to remove. Besides the chemicals used in the dyes can wreck havoc on your skin and hair. However a few precautions can help you ensure a safer Holi.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind while playing Holi:

Face & Skin

Removing gulal from the face can be a nuisance. In fact at times, while scrubbing the face to get rid of colors, it leads to redness of the skin and itching. To keep the suppleness and beauty of your face intact, apply moisturizer liberally on your face. Moisturizer will act as a shield against the chemicals-laden colors. If you like, you can also put on waterproof foundation for extra safety.

Apply lip balm on lips. Apply body lotion or olive oil generously on your hands, arms and all the exposed parts such as feet.


You wouldn’t like to look like a zombie the next day with all those red, green colors on your head. So better apply coconut oil or olive oil on your hair at least 20 to 25 minutes before stepping out of your room to play Holi. This will ensure that colors don’t stick to your hair and can be removed easily.


Apply 2-3 coating of dark color nail polish on your nails and toes. This will help prevent your nails from getting those terrible stains.


As far as clothes are concerned, take out the tattered suits from your wardrobe. In fact, wear your worst salwar kameez or pants that you won’t mind dumping them. Cotton slacks are comfortable. Wear full sleeves top or kurta. This ensures that the maximum part of your body is safely covered.

Other tips

  • Avoid using permanent dyes and synthetic colors as they contain lead oxide, copper sulphate and other harmful chemicals. Rather play with natural or herbal colors. Be sure to buy high quality gulal from a reputed shop.
  • Don’t wear lens while playing Holi as there is always a risk that the color might get into the lens and harm your eyes.
  • You can wear dental caps to protect your teeth from getting any stains.
  • Very importantly, don’t drive if you are tipsy with bhaang.

Keep these tips in mind before stepping out of your home to play Holi and you won’t have to complain at the end of the day.


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