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The Wait: A Modern Take on Shakuntala

August 6, 2018 | By

The relentless wait of Shakuntala for her lover Dushyant, a mythological tale of love and pining. A modern take by a contemporary poet.

The sepia bill of a restaurant
Where they first kissed

“Wait for my call “.
Dushyanta said to Shakuntala
and ended the call.
Seconds turned to minutes,
minutes to hours,
hours to days and
days to years,
She waited.

Waited amidst the conrete jungle
with happy memories.
Dushyanta ‘s words of luxuries.
The next few hours
she ransacked her room like insane.
Frantically trying to
find something
to ease her haunting pain.

Ah! With a great relief,
She had a strong belief.
She found it.
And her gloomy eyes lit.
This he could never missed.
The sepia bill of a restaurant
Where they first kissed.

“My Love”
Will he remember?
Slowly, she hissed.

Pic courtesy: Pixabay


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Gopa is an entrepreneur by profession but passionate about writing poetry. An absolute contrast to her work profile, she uses her passion for reading and writing during her free time, as she believes knowledge is boundless and needs to be dispersed. She is passionate about weaving poetry relating to the realities of lives and diversities of nature. She has a strong desire to reach out to the millions through her work, in order to make them aware of this art of spontaneous feelings. She lives in Kolkata with her husband Shuvayu and son Ahir.
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