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The Twins And Their Pet Cat

July 6, 2014 | By

So, with broken hearts they ‘freed’ the kitten. They were so unhappy that when their mother came in she saw both of them looking as gloomy as ever.

Pranay and Parineeta were twins. They were both 12 years old. They were kind-hearted and always ready to help anyone, even if it was a poor old tramp asking for some crumbs at the backdoor.

One day, when they were shopping for their mother (the market was quite near and their mother let them go on the quiet Monday afternoons), an odd thing happened to them. They were returning home with the stuff their mother wanted, when they saw a few children stoning something. They went a bit nearer and saw that it was a little kitten. Pranay and Parineeta were horrified.

“What are you doing to that poor kitten” shouted Pranay to the children.

After a few days, the kitten was healed and became healthy due to the kind attention and pampering by the kids.

After a few days, the kitten was healed and became healthy due to the kind attention and pampering by the kids.

“Nothing of your concern!” was the answer shouted back by the mischievous children.

Parineeta was about to go and give them a thrashing when Pranay stopped her. “Don’t. They are far too many. We can’t beat them with brawn but I have just got a brainwave.” He whispered, “Look, there are some stones over there. We`ll throw a stone lightly towards a burly man and say that those kids had done it.” He chuckled at the very thought of the kids face when they would get a sound thrashing.

“But, I couldn`t tell a lie. I would go scarlet or do something silly, I know I would.” Parineeta whispered back.

“I couldn`t tell a lie too, silly. But we have to do something for the kitten. If you don`t want to do it, fine. I will.”Pranay said.

“OK. I`ll sit myself in that little sweetshop and I`ll come to help you out if anything goes wrong.” said Parineeta.

Pranay picked a stone and slipped it quietly in his pocket. Parineeta sat herself in the sweetshop and ordered lemonade from her remaining pocket money. A big boy of fifteen went past Pranay, whistling as he walked. Pranay knew him quite well. The boy winked at him and said, “I`m in a bit of hurry. I`ll see you later.” Pranay nodded and was pondering whether he should throw the stone at him when he saw a burly man coming towards him. And much to the astonishment of Parineeta, he lightly threw the stone towards the man. And then the plan worked so precisely that they both felt that it had been oiled!

The man turned at once and saw the naughty children, their hand filled with stones. He frowned and said in a hoarse voice, “Why did you stone me?” He didn’t appear to have seen the kitten at all.

The children turned and looked frightened. They said tremulously, “We h-h-h-h-haven`t s-s-s-s-stoned y-y-y-y-you at all.”

“They have stoned you, we saw them!” The brother and sister duo said in unison. The children glared at them. The man started to scold them. Oh, how he shouted. After a while, he had gathered a crowd with all his shouting. The naughty children looked really miserable indeed. When the man had finished, the naughty children turned around to see the kitten, but it was not there.

Actually, when the man started scolding them at the top of his voice, Parineeta and Pranay had rushed to the kitten’s aid immediately. The kitten was meowing for some help. Both of them stroked the creature and fondled it. The cat began to purr with delight. They saw that it was hurt and thought that it would be a good idea if they took her home and nursed her. After some more stroking and fussing, the kitten was ready to do anything the boy and girl said. Parineeta took the kitten in her arms and they went home, chuckling as they thought of the children`s woebegone faces.

When they reached home, they found their mother and said ,“Mum, we found this kitten being stoned by some appalling kids by the street.” They told her all about their plan and how it worked. “I think you shouldn`t have thrown stones at the man. Don’t do this in future,” their mother said calmly but commandingly. “But it was all for a good cause, Mum. Anyway, I think we`ll first wash the poor thing and you can put some ointment over the wounds later.” Their mother laughed and said, “Right and mind you don`t hurt the poor little kitten more while doing so!”

After a few days, the kitten was healed and became healthy due to the kind attention and pampering by the kids. They had named her Lucy. The children were sorry to leave it and had even asked their mother to keep her but their mother said, “kittens’ mother will be worrying for her baby. And also your father is not at all a fan of cats and dogs. It must go.”

They suddenly saw a pair of gleaming green eyes

They suddenly saw a pair of gleaming green eyes

So, with broken hearts they ‘freed’ the kitten. They were so unhappy that when their mother came in she saw both of them looking as gloomy as ever. “Now, don`t you behave as if your life is being taken away.” She tried to cheer them up by giving them hot chocolate and cookies but they could not relish their favourite treat and remained gloomy for the next few days.

One day an unexpected thing happened. Their mother had been complaining about ‘ferocious mice’ attacking the storeroom but during lunch she said, “It is really unusual but there isn`t any food eaten by mice. I am so glad.”

The kids decided to check out the storeroom once to see why the notorious mice had suddenly become so well-behaved. In the darkness of the room, they suddenly saw a pair of gleaming green eyes. They switched the light and saw Lucy, much fatter now. “Oh, dear Lucy! You are back! We were so miserable without you!” both of them shouted.

Their parents were pleased to see their children so happy. The twins pleaded with their mother, “Mum, can we please have Lucy for our pet? She will keep the mice from the kitchen and it will be good to have her back.”

Their mother agreed, smilingly. “Well, you’d better keep Lucy with you if you want.” And Lucy, as if she had understood every word, jumped into her arms. It was a good thing she said yes, wasn`t it? Though father was not very happy about the prospect of having a cat around the house, he agreed when the kids said that they will make sure that Lucy would not be an inconvenience to him.

Archisha loves reading adventure stories and is a prolific writer of stories and poems.
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