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The Triangle

June 1, 2019 | By

“You are The Triangle, the choice is yours to make. Will you protect us, immortals and mortals, alike? Do you believe in power?”

An enjoyable story by Malavika Nair for the LnC Special Edition of Ghost Stories by Children that came out of Ramendra Kumar’s sessions at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF) 2019.

searing sand in the desert

Heat rained on all, like the breath of hell. The searing sand shimmered in the intense white rays of the sun. I could feel my powers ebbing away, washed and drained out. Even with every bone in my body screaming and protesting, I couldn’t stop. Every step of the way, my limbs felt heavy like huge rocks. Nevertheless, the sight of my brothers is what tormented me the most. Their bodies rested peacefully on the ground. No movement. As much as I wanted to help them, I was useless without my powers. Even after all that has happened, I still find fault in my decisions. I had the chance to reject, but sadly I was desperate that day. The day I shall regret my whole life from today onwards. The day, we received powers…

A meeting in the forest

Effortlessly, as always, my brother’s arrow went right through the target. It was as though he could do it in his sleep. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he really could. “Simmer down, Vander; withdraw yourself for a while, won’t you?” At that moment, his arrow went soaring, right through the previously shot arrow, ripping it in half. “I already did, Varia,” he smirked. “I was meaning to take a break.” He sat down on a log next to Vixon and me.”It’s getting pretty late. Let’s head home.”

We traipsed through the wood, lazily, tired and hungry. My twin brothers whispered and giggled, while I walked silently home. Boring! It had all been boring. The city of Seraphin had nothing more to offer to me or my brothers. Soon, it shall crumble and fall, leaving only the gentle, kind people of Seraphin homeless and hurt. Nothing new. Nothing different. Seraphin lost its beauty and life. At least, I had my brothers to entertain me with their crazy yet magical theories. Their small world full of fairies, princesses, knights, heroes, vampires, werewolves and all sorts of myths and legends… It was the only thing that gave life to them after the untimely death of our parents. As the eldest, I took up both mother’s and father’s places. Never have they felt the need for a mother’s comfort or a father’s hug. They have always felt needed and loved by the world.

“Varia, what is that?” My brother, trembling in fear, pointed at a set of bright, yellow eyes, gazing right at me. It let out a small growl. I gestured with my hands, in a motion to make my brothers stand behind me. It walked closer, razor-sharp teeth, flashing, eyes glowing, body, covered in grey fur. Wolf. “Mother, save me,” I prayed and was able to stand still while my heart was palpitating. “You must be the Guinevere siblings; rather known to all as The Triangle.”

Sharjah children's reading festival

A talking wolf?

I started to stumble, searching for words. Talking wolf. A talking wolf? My eyes are playing tricks on me. Either my brothers are right, or I am losing my mind. “You are not losing your mind. What you see is as real as your brothers.” “H…How did you?” “I have become used to that perplexed and odd face you are making right now.” I straightened up. “Who or what are…” “I am Salazar, a descendant of the sun like you are. To evocate, I am your guardian.” “I don’t understand.” “You will.” He said so solemnly with a wicked smirk that made a chill go down my spine.

He gestured us to follow him through a mist. Barely anything in front of me could be seen. It encircled us like an evil spirit, chanting our names, telling us that we were walking the path of an even greater evil. “Vixon. Vander. Are you there?” No answer. That got me more perturbed. “If you are playing tricks on me,” I announced firmly, “I’d suggest…” “Oh relax. They can’t hear you.” “What! Where are they? Salazar, what did you do?” Instead of answering me, he laughed. “It is an enchanted mist. Only mystical creatures of The Triangle and The Trust can hear them.” Still bewildered, I nodded and tried to find my way out. “Wait, what about my brothers?” “Don’t worry they are secure.” I may not trust Salazar, but his tone was soothing enough for me to stay calm.

Into the mist

An eerie cave peered out of the mist. It wasn’t any cave, no; it glowed with red and orange rocks. It looked as though the God of the Sun had made it with his bare hands. Majestic as any magical object, or place in this case. “Varia!” my brother called out. “Vander! Where is Vixon?” “Right behind you.” I turned around; my brother stood there, his arms crossed. “We have to go in…there?” Vixon asked, excited. “Yes,” Salazar replied. “Oblitus. Meaning, The Forgotten. We once were a dynamic pack of wolves, now forgotten.” There was a small tone of regret, as though he couldn’t have borne the thought of it.

“We called ourselves The Myriad of Trust. We protected the six elements; Sun, Moon, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. After coming to the knowledge of an old prophecy, we parted ways. My sisters and I were the only ones left to save the world. Sadly, I am afraid that our time has come, to surrender our souls to the great one above. However, that would mean the balance between nature and mortals will have to fall.” “What-What prophecy?” Vixon asked, not sure whether he wanted the answer for that. Salazar sighed, “An apocalypse.”

The cave adorned by red crystals shone as bright as the Sun. The silence felt like an unsteady glass, ready to be shattered.

We entered another hollow space, this time bigger and different than the last. There was not a speck of those red crystals. Only four gauntlets of fire illuminated the room. Two beautiful female wolves awaited our arrival, as though long expected. In the centre, lay a triangle made of chalk dust. And at each corner of the triangle, a bowl that ignited a peculiar looking fire – Yellow, White and Green.

“Guinevere siblings, welcome.” one of the wolves spoke. She was different from Salazar. She possessed fur as white as snow, and a sophisticated soft voice. “Meet my sister, Luna,” and then gesturing to the wolf in brown fur and a playful smile, he said, “and Ester.” “You look too young to be one of the descendants.” “I am seventeen.” She shrugged and stepped closer to Vixon. My heart skipped a beat. “Stay away from him.” I stepped in front of my brother as a human shield. “Relax Varia. She is a little overprotective.” He whispered to Ester, but he was loud enough for me to hear. “I wasn’t going to bite him.” Ester stepped away.

“Each of you will possess an element. Varia, you are the descendant of Apollo, the God of the Sun. Vander, you are the descendant of Selene, the God of the Moon. Vixon, you are the descendant of Gaea, the God of the Earth.” Vixon and Vander held my hand and said, “Varia, what we see is real, trust it, wield it. Power is real. Magic is real. Stop holding on to the past. Stop holding on to us. We are no more an infant without any idea of the world.” I saw it, at that moment, they are no more little boys; no, they are young, brave men. I nodded. We took our positions. I stood in front of Salazar, Vander in front of Luna and Vixon in front of Ester.

A Choice is Made

Loud and audible, Salazar proclaimed, “You are The Triangle, the choice is yours to make. Will you protect us, immortals and mortals, alike? Do you believe in power?” I looked at my brothers. They stood tall, proud, and supportive of each other. We held the bowls of fire. Ester went first, “I, Ester of the element Earth, the descendant of Gaea, bestow my powers upon Vixon Guinevere.” Luna went next, “I, Luna of the element Moon, the descendant of Selene, bestow my powers upon Vander Guinevere.” Salazar went last, “I, Salazar of the element sun, the descendant of Apollo, bestow my powers upon Varia Guinevere. May Zeus bless you all!” The fire started to encircle us. I wanted to scream, shout, but in spite of every effort I couldn’t. I felt the power, coursing through my veins. The fire thronged around, running over my skin, like a craving serpent.

Everything went dark.

I awoke, only to see the red Sun at its apex. I was facing the apocalypse, eye to eye. The intense rays of the Sun burned my skin, heat sweltering down. Whatever came next, was all up to me.

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The stories in this edition have been curated by Ramendra Kumar.
ghost stories by children special lnc

Malavika Pravin Nair is a Class 8 student in Our Own English High School, Sharjah (Girls). Her hobbies are reading, writing and dancing and her mother tongue is Malayalam.
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