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The Tail

June 1, 2019 | By

When all the wizards of Chocolate Island could not remove Onno’s strange tail, Princess Meteora had to think of another way.

An enjoyable story by Sraosha Angel Lyall for the LnC Special Edition of Ghost Stories by Children that came out of Ramendra Kumar’s sessions at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF) 2019.

chocolate islandI believe children are special, like they have some Magic; a great example is the Chocolate Island. Wait, you don’t know about the Chocolate Island? Let me tell you everything about it. It has chocolate fudge rivers, whipped cream mountains, candy cane trees, cotton candy grass and ice cream bushes. Doesn’t it make your mouth water?

Now back to the story. In Chocolate Island, there was a girl named Meteora. She was the princess of Chocolate Island. Now Chocolate Island was under attack by the Evil Witch. Luckily, everyone was ok, except the princess’s best friend Onno. She was hit by the bad growing spell, it went like this:

Evil Witch.

Now Chocolate Island was under attack by the Evil Witch.

Grow, grow, grow
A long, long tail
May my magic
Magic, magic wand
Cast its spell…

Then boom! The person you were aiming at got a tail.

Princess Meteora called all the wizards in Chocolate Island but despite all their efforts they couldn’t remove Onno’s tail. Soon Onno began to lose hope. She said,  “Meteora, I am beginning to lose hope.”

“Don’t worry, we will find a way to remove your tail,” the princess told her. One wizard told them to go and meet the Prince of the Sand Dunes as he might have an answer. The princess and Onno rode on Allicorns to the Sand Dunes. They reached the gates of the palace. They tried to open the gates but the gates didn’t budge.

Onno said, “There must be a code or something to open the gates.”

Meteora said, “Don’t worry; I’m going to ring the door bell.”

And so she did. But no one answered.

Slightly scared, the princess pushed the door and………………IT OPENED. As they entered, they felt a shiver down their spine. They took a step in and the door closed automatically behind them. They took another step, OH NO…it was a trap as they slid down a slide.

“Wwwweeeeeeee,’’ yelled Meteora and Onno was scared.

They fell into a dungeon and a voice asked, “Who are you?”

The princess answered, “My name is Meteora and this is Onno, we need your help.”

“Oh! Then I should introduce myself.”

The dungeon door slid open and a ghost came out. “Hello! I am Oxford, King of the Sand Dunes,” he said.

Onno replied, “You’re a ghost.” “Yes, now you have come here to fix Onno’s tail.”

“I’m a ghost; I know what you are thinking. Here take this map. It will lead you to the Great Wizard’s Treehouse.”

They then rode their allicorns to the Great Wizard’s Treehouse. As soon as they entered they told him everything. He cast three spells at Onno and her tail went away. They thanked him, went back home and lived happily ever after.

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The stories in this edition have been curated by Ramendra Kumar.

ghost stories by children special lnc

Sraosha Angel Lyall is a grade 5 student in in Our Own English High School, Sharjah. She is ten years old. Sraosha loves reading, writing stories, drawing and swimming. She gets a lot of inspiration from books and the world around her.
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