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The Secret Door

June 17, 2015 | By

The Secret Door is an imaginative depiction of a child’s mind where a fairy and a goblin king roam around in her fertile dreams with magic wand, casting spells.

It was a holiday and I was picking sweet smelling flowers from the woods when I saw fairysomething shimmering. I felt scared and as I went closer, my heart started to thump in my chest. I was so scared that I felt like running away, but I was curious so I didn’t want to go back.

I went closer and closer to find a door. I opened the door and saw a magical fairyland. When I went in, I heard a voice that said, “Hi”.

I turned around and saw a…….fairy!!

I asked, “Why aren’t there any more fairies?”

She replied, “There are Goblins that are making trouble for our land all because they want the magical jewel, plus, only a human can stop them.”

I was sad. I said confidently, “Then I will help you stop them.”

The fairy whistled loud and a wonderful Pegasus galloped towards us. We jumped on to her back and before I knew, it started flying.

It was a wonderful sight. I saw the shimmering blue sky; I heard birds chirping happily until we came to the terrifying Goblin land. The Pegasus came down slowly to the castle gate. My fairy friend and I got down. We were nervous and even though we felt like running away, we went inside the castle. Inside the castle we saw soldiers. We hid but unsafely. They saw us and took us to the Goblin king.

My fairy friend flicked her magic wand and we got free. Then the fight began between the fairy and the Goblin king. I saw them slashing the magic wands at each other. While they were fighting, I grabbed the magical jewel and placed it before the king to distract him. As he shouted at me, he got destroyed forever by the magic spell of my fairy friend. She said happily, “Thank you.” I smiled and heard a voice saying, “Wake up!”

I woke up and saw my little sister yelling at me. Then I realized it was all a dream.

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Vamika loves to sing pop star Miley Cyrus's songs. Katy Perry is her favorite too. She dances on her favorite Bollywood numbers and swims 25 metres in the span of 30 seconds. She is a voracious reader and J K Rowling is her best author for writing the famous Harry Potter series. She has read four series till now! She likes to write adventurous stories and pens down poems too.
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