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The Painter

April 29, 2015 | By

My father is a Doctor by profession, but a painter by passion. He has had 11 solo exhibition of paintings at the Academy of Fine arts, Kolkata and also several collaborated ones. This poem is dedicated to him, my hero, my idol, my faith, My BABA.
The poem was written from a childhood memory, when I used to watch him paint, I think I was about 10 years old at that time. Then one day I decided to ask him if I could paint too, that’s when he said those lines in the poem. He has been an inspiration for me my entire life.

Poetry Month Special

The Painter

The lines of his forehead furrows deeper
As his brush strikes the paper, like a sword,
Making it bleed colours, making it surrender to his art.
I quietly watch him from the window,
Scared of disturbing the creation.
Suddenly he rises and leaves the room.
The half smoked cigarette on the counter, emits smoke
Coiling up in the air
He comes back in again, oblivious
Of my little face peering through the window
He gets back to his art
Now with renewed passion.
The lines on his forehead smoothens out,
With final stokes of his brush, he finishes his liquid poetry,
I stand at a distance, admiring the man, the art.

The lines on his forehead, deepens again,
As he picks up another blank paper,
This time I summon courage and walk into his room.
He looks up, disturbed, he says
“What do you want child?’
‘To paint’ I say ‘Like you’ I add
‘Well you can’t’ He says,
My face falls, and he laughs.
Handing me a paper and brush he adds
‘You can paint, but only like yourself, and not like me.’
Happiness floods my being, I add with laughter
‘When can I start?’
‘Now’ he says, ‘Now is always a good time,’
‘Thank you Baba’ I say, and sit down next to him.
The painter and his daughter,
We continue together, he with his masterpiece
And me, with my first of many.

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Rhiti Bose is a writer/blogger based in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India, where she lives with her daughter, son and husband. She believes in being simple, kind and honest. Her main passion is writing, closely followed by travelling and reading endlessly. She is the Founder/Chief Editor of the blogazine Incredible Women Of India, which publishes inspirational life stories of real Indian women. Her short stories have been published in an anthology named ‘An Atlas of Love’ by Rupa publications,, Rhiti is currently working on her first Novel. Rhiti also blogs at The Scattered thoughts of Mrs.Bose
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Resembling a card game wherein a hand is dealt with a set of different cards, and the players play according to their own way; Life offers us various opportunities, how we utilize them is our own decision and preference.