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The Journey Never Ends

October 8, 2013 | By

Now I have an answer. An answer about which I am convinced.
All these things have a STORY behind them.

When I am traveling in the metro, I keep looking outside as it is one of my favorite pastimes while traveling a long distance. But when I look around I feel there is something more to these places. What is it that makes me stare at it for so long? Some seem to be familiar and others unfamiliar. But everything has something in common.

Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple which tells a story of its beauty and the calmness

I see so many faces daily. Some seem a bit sad, some happy and some lost in their own world.

But again I feel there is more to these faces.They all have something in common.

And again I’m left with a question WHAT IS IT?

For the past several days, I have been curious to get an answer to this. Hours of dreaming, hours of loneliness and just randomly hanging around places and staring at all the things around.

But now I have an answer. An answer about which I am convinced.

All these things have a STORY behind them.

Be it a place like Lotus Temple which tells a story of its beauty and the calmness you can feel when you go there. Or it can be a beggar begging on the roads he is telling you a story of his dreadful life.

Every day the faces you see on metros, buses or cars have their own stories to tell some might be a sad one or others a happy one.

Now I understood they all have stories – every place, every person. But why am I so curious to know it? Do I want to help them? Or just spend some time with them? Or console them? Or just laugh off at their condition?

No I don’t want to help, console or laugh off at them. But the truth is I am searching myself in these people or places.

Some sad faces remind me of the hard times I had and some happy ones tell me the worth of a smile.

Some beautiful and calm places remind me about there is a need for peace in this busy violent world and some noisy places that sometimes you need to get out of your box and tell the world what you feel.

But the biggest thing is even if I’m searching myself in people and places I need to keep accepting my individuality and complexity.

In the end, my search continues to find myself…

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