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The Fruit of Hard Work

September 27, 2021 | By

A businessman teaches his lazy son a valuable lesson of life in a way he would never forget. A lovely short story by 10-year-old Anvesha.


Motilal delivered the groceries

Once upon a time, there lived a businessman named Hiralal. He was always thinking and worried about his lazy son, Motilal. He decided to send Motilal to the village market and earn some money. If he would not do so, he wouldn’t get his dinner.

Motilal went crying straight to his mother. She felt pity on her son and gave him a Rs.100 note. He showed the note to Hiralal.

Hiralal asked him, “Moti, is this what you have earned?”

“Yes, Father,” Motilal told a lie.

“Go and throw this in a well,” ordered Hiralal.

Motilal did as he was told. The next day the same happened, Hiralal asked Motilal to earn money and if he could not do so, his night meal would be cancelled. And he sent his wife to her parents.

Now Motilal went to his sister. She saw her brother crying and her heart became restless. She gave a gold coin to her brother.

Motilal went to his father and showed it to him. Again, his father asked him to throw it into well. Motilal did as told.

Hiralal sent his daughter on a study tour trip. And the next day gave the same task to Motilal.

There was no more option left for Motilal and he went to the market. There he saw another businessman working in his grocery shop. He went to his shop and asked for work. The man told him to deliver that heavy box of groceries to a house 5 km away. Motilal agreed readily and delivered the groceries but after all that, he got 200 rupees. His back was paining and there were rashes and aches in his body.

He went home and showed the money to Hiralal. His father asked to throw the money into the well. Motilal was almost in tears. He said, “Father, I have aches and rashes in my body and….”

“Yes, yes my dear Moti,” interrupted Hiralal and added, “When the fruit of the hard work is spoiled, that is the real pain one feels.”

Moti understood what his father wanted to teach him all this while. “I promise father, I will never be lazy,” Motilal said.

Hiralal proudly gave the keys of the shop to Motilal and Motilal promised to keep the money safely and spend it honestly. Hiralal finally relaxed knowing that his son now realised the value of hard work and could understand that there is no free lunch or dinner.

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I am a 10-year old and I study in Class 5. Writing stories and poetry is my hobby and whatever thoughts come to mind, I write a story or a poem on it. I love music and enjoy singing and reading books.
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