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The Emperor of Green: A Story of Determination

January 2, 2020 | By

Nature is all powerful, and an antidote to the ill-effects of science and technology. We need to resurrect the pristine glory of nature if we want to survive in this materialistic world. A wistful, touching poem by Anagha Rajesh.

Hidden beneath the deep shadows of the sun sinking low
Lay the emperor of woods
In possession of the most radiant glow.

Studded with marvellous gems of peace
He rested within his chamber of green
Intelligent yet foolish devotees of Science did he seem to tease.

Dressed in the shade of eternal love
Slumbered he beneath the cosy leafy blanket
Gazing into the vast sky in wait for his messenger, the dove.

Guarded by strong roots of freedom
Was he grandly seated in the gallery enjoying the breeze’s dance
When all at once he saw armed spectators come.

Droplets of anger struck the emperor brave
As slowly he realized defeat fall upon him
Surrounded by trees so grim so grave.

Terrible failure befell the empire so tranquil
As the emperor and his warriors were overcome by foes,
the industries who swept away the nature’s smile.

The emperor lay half lifeless within
An empire that was in racks in ruins
Portraying a realistic picture of the most deadly technological sin.

Decades later messengers of God did arrive
To restore the glory of the past
The young souls did whole heartedly thrive.

With sincerity they worked all night and day
And finally sunshine befell the realm once again
As the emperor rose to the power of today.

As a messenger of hope does this mansion stand
Immersed in the limelight of everlasting grit
Evoking the fire of determination in a land
That has been slain by modern technological spirit.

(Pic courtesy: Pixabay)

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Anagha is a high schooler hailing from UAE. She loves reading and penning her thoughts in words. She is a passionate speaker who seeks to help solve challenges of the world. She believes that small ripples create big impacts. She is an activist for mental health awareness and greater representation of women in STEM. She is currently a part of the 1000 Girls 1000 Futures Mentorship Program of the New York Academy and a member of the Girls in Science Forum of the United Nations.
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A part of us is aging, the body; however another part is still young, the mind. Learning wonderful new things is an ongoing and a never ending process. The satisfaction that comes along with lifelong learning is immense.