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Another Day

September 2, 2013

I was crying with joy and pleasure. Yes! I would help make the impossible possible. Suddenly

By Mehmuda Afroz, Class – XI

The alarm woke me up as usual. I slammed the button ‘off’ and stayed in my cozy bed for another fifteen minutes. By the time I got up and was ready for office, I noticed that I was exactly fifteen minutes late. I prepared myself for ‘ANOTHER DAY’ – another boring and hectic day, not realizing it was the much awaited 1st January of the year 2000. Another millennium had begun and standing on the threshold, I could feel no thrill, no joy – it was simply another day for me or was it?


“Another Day” but a day that begun another millennium

Despite loads of work the day went on as smoothly as possible. Just when I was about to leave office, the phone rang. I didn’t want to pick it up, but just in case it might be very important, ‘my boss’ will eat my head the next day – I picked it up. On the other end a pleasant voice was enquiring about “me”. And what she said made me freeze with astonishment and joy.

The lady was telling me that I had won the Nobel Prize for my contribution to peace through literature. I was amazed, awed, mesmerized and surprised. How was it possible? What type of a prank call was this? I had written a book about “Israel and Palestine are friends”. But how could I have won a Nobel Prize?

The next morning I saw my picture, in all the papers. Hundreds of journalists swarmed my house. In one day, I was celebrity and not my boss’s secretary. I thought about the money. I would donate some immediately to the poor and then I would build a foundation for the wretched. Now I was rich and powerful, no longer in poverty. I could influence politicians and big celebrities to help the common man. I could do anything and everything for my countrymen and those small children who play by the roadside and eat dirt from the dustbins, and not food; for young mothers who die recklessly, for old citizens who can’t take care of themselves, etc, etc….

I was crying with joy and pleasure. Yes! I would help make the impossible possible. Suddenly someone shook me and I was startled. I woke up to see my mother’s anxious face. I felt the moist imprints on my pillow and cheek. The hard glint of the morning sun brought me back to reality. I burst out crying. My mother held me close to her bosom like when I was a child. After all it was just “Another Day” but a day that begun another millennium….

This teen story was first published in (between 1999 to 2002).

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The word Culture comes from Latin "cultura amini' which means cultivation of the soul, and thus Jawaharlal Nehru said "Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit"