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My Tribute To Gurudeb: Translation of Ami Choncholo He

May 9, 2017 | By

A soulful English translation of one of Rabindranath Tagore’s most sublime songs of Gitabitan, on the auspicious occasion of his birth anniversary.

It is the 9th of May, the day when Bengal’s golden lap was enriched with the birth of a Laureate, a critic, a songwriter, storyteller and a music composer of high stature. On this auspicious day, this transcreation is a tribute to the golden bard of poesy, whose creations linger in every Bengali household, whose songs keep humming in the hearts of one and all.

A literal rendition of one of the most famous songs of Rabindranath Tagore. Written in 1902, the song ‘Ami Choncholo Hey’ is a hymn where the narrator urges for inner peace and seeks to be one with divinity. It could also be interpreted as a love song where he urges to quench his thirst for love.

Your divine music echoes in my heart

The original composition is given below :

আমি চঞ্চল হে,
আমি সুদূরের পিয়াসি।
দিন চলে যায়, আমি আনমনে তারি আশা চেয়ে থাকি বাতায়নে–
ওগো, প্রাণে মনে আমি যে তাহার পরশ পাবার প্রয়াসী॥
ওগো সুদূর, বিপুল সুদূর, তুমি যে বাজাও ব্যাকুল বাঁশরি–
মোর ডানা নাই, আছি এক ঠাঁই সে কথা যে যাই পাশরি॥
আমি উন্মনা হে,
হে সুদূর, আমি উদাসী॥

রৌদ্র-মাখানো অলস বেলায় তরুমর্মরে ছায়ার খেলায়
কী মুরতি তব নীল আকাশে নয়নে উঠে গো আভাসি।
হে সুদূর, আমি উদাসী।
ওগো সুদূর, বিপুল সুদূর, তুমি যে বাজাও ব্যাকুল বাঁশরি–
কক্ষে আমার রুদ্ধ দুয়ার সে কথা যে যাই পাশরি॥

My transcreation:

I am restless, parched, crave to taste the honey-sweet infinity
I am anxious to cross the cogent lethal bonds
In my heart, the rhythm of cosmos resounds.

As seconds, minutes and days fly away
Like untamed waves, I stare at their way
Oblivious, eagerly waiting, expecting thee, in gay
I look fervently at the open air, feel the breeze sway.

Lurking as the forlorn lark, I yearn
For Thy soothing touch, tearing the dark
I am the bird sans wings, with the incessant desire to fly
To uncharted terrains, breaking my shackles of isolation.

Oh, the divine infinitude, Thy ardent flute…
Lilting the language of Nature,
Renders my heart more restless,
As my callow corpus reverberates your elegy.
Ensnared, twitching in despondency.

Amid the sun-kissed humdrum afternoon
Amid the playful, rustling shadows,
I daydream an image, unknown, in the blues
Thy faint presence that sparkle in the hues.

Oh, the divine infinitude, Thy ardent flute…
Lilting the language of Nature,
Renders my heart more restless,
As my callow corpus reverberates your elegy.
Ensnared, twitching in despondency.

I crave to merge with Thy infinity
Your divine music echoes in my heart,
I wish to find myself in you,
Merge in the rhythm of the cosmos.

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