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April 6, 2021 | By

A love poem with local colour, a regional flavour.

supernova love poem

“I wanna know your secret. My baby’s got a hold on me.”
Cut me open.
Your eyes have not seen or your ears heard
Such beauty, such songs
Playing with so much of fiery- flame-fierce longing
In me, in my gentle green and muddy water-logged paddy fields
where you slither inside, in my poisonous looking richer green swamp-lush waving wet weeds and wild foliage
Near the margins of the acreage of grain-yielding plots where the water flows in spade-cut channels like diluted brown blood, and all my desire-driven-darkscape says only this: you drive me, drive me, drive me, crazy, crazy, crazy….
When? Every time I see you.
Where? Every place you go to.
How? Like a python’s coils breaking your bones into many with a crush grip embrace you can’t break free…
What? Who? To whom?
WHY? Because I want to smother you
That suffocating of too much of the surfeit of my inner-scape you give up the fight quietly and right then and there I take you, to fall into –
In my arms, pliant at last
to do all my bidding
and never regret the beauty of surrender
The once alone never to be repeated transcendent transitory flight
of two birds that mated in a forest far from the ties of human bondage,
finally free to experience
at least once life’s intensest moment
where our two selves melt away into non-existence
lost in each other, in Non-Being’s white heat supernova explosion simultaneously coming and dying.

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Dr. Koshy A.V. is presently working as an Assistant Professor in the English Department of Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. He has many books, degrees, diplomas, certificates, prizes, and awards to his credit and also, besides teaching, is an editor, anthology maker, poet, critic and writer of fiction. He runs an autism NPO with his wife, Anna Gabriel.
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