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Dear Mr God…

August 16, 2013 | By

Dear Mr God is a beautiful short story about a little girl writing letters to God.

By Ramendra Kumar

Dear Mr God, This is my first letter to you. My Mama used to say that you love children very much. That you always answer their prayers.

Andrew was reversing his car out of the garage when he saw his daughter Avanti walking down the pathway that led to the main gate. She was dressed up and holding an envelope in her hand.

“Where are you going?”
“I… I… am going…” Avanti hesitated and then said, “Papa I am going to the post office.”
“I have to drop this letter.”
“Give it to me, I’ll drop it.”

Avanti hesitated for a moment and then handed over the envelope. Andrew placed it on the seat besides him, reversed the car out of the main gate and waving to Avanti drove off.

He was getting late for the office and decided not to stop on the way. From the office he would send his messenger Jeetram to post the letter.

After reaching his office he rang the bell. As he waited for Jeetram to appear he casually glanced at the envelope. In a childish scrawl was written the following address:

Mister God
High in the sky.

Andrew tore open the envelope and started reading:

Dear Mr God,
This is my first letter to you. My Mama used to say that you love children very much. That you always answer their prayers. My Mama died three days after my seventh birthday. Till then I was very happy. But now I am very, very sad.

My Papa used to laugh and play with me when my Mama was there. But now he hardly talks to me. He is always very sad. He doesn’t laugh and play any more. In the morning he leaves early and comes home only after I have gone to bed. Daisy Aunty says he has started drinking.

Please Mr God, I don’t want to stay in this house without Mama. Please, can You send her back. If You can’t send her back because she has already become an angel, then please take me away with You just as You took Mama away.

I am a good girl. You can ask Mama. I always do my homework, make my own bed and drink my milk. I will not bother You. Please Mr God, I will be waiting.


Andrew read the letter not once but thrice. After a few minutes he got up and walked to his boss’s room. He told him he wanted leave for the day. After taking permission he walked out of the office, got into his car and drove straight to his favorite spot on the outskirts of the city.

It overlooked a huge lake and at that time of the day was quite lonely. There, under the shade of the huge Banyan tree, the one he and his wife Janet had nicknamed Grandpa Moses, he read the letter again and again…

He closed his eyes and thought about the events of the last nine months…

Janet had died in a road accident nine months ago. With her death his life had been completely shattered. Luckily Mrs Daisy, the governess had been there to take care of Avanti or things would have got more complicated.

After Janet’s death, Andrew just didn’t feel like going home. Every little thing in the house reminded him of his Janet and the moments they had spent together.

He started leaving home early in the morning and working late in the office. From there, instead of heading straight home, he would go to the nearby bar and start drinking. He would reach home long after Avanti had slept.

He never spared a thought for Avanti convinced that Mrs Daisy was taking good care of her. She had been with them for the last three years and Janet had trained her well.

Absorbed in his own sorrow, Andrew had failed to notice his daughter’s loneliness. He had not realized that she was missing her mother as much, if not more, than he was missing his wife. Avanti needed his love and affection. Mrs Daisy could hardly be a substitute for either Janet or even Andrew.

He looked at his watch. It was one. He had spent close to three hours under the shade of Grandpa Moses. He got up, carefully put the letter in his pocket and walked towards his car…

X       X       X      X

Six months later Avanti was still in bed. Andrew was about to wake her up when he saw the all too familiar brown envelope on the table beside the bed. Once again it was addressed to Mr God.

He picked up the envelope and walked into the living room. He tore open the envelope, removed the letter inside it, and settling into a chair started reading:

Dear Mr God,
This is my second letter to You. I know You got the first one. I want to thank You. Even though You didn’t send Mama or take me to her, You did something, which is almost as good. You changed my Papa completely.

You know Mr God, I now sleep with him in his room, with his big and strong arms around me. My Papa tells me stories — funny ones, scary ones, and sometimes lovely ones which are a little sad.

In the morning we go together for swimming. He has taught me how to swim. In the evening we go for Yoga. At night after dinner he takes me out for a ride. He has even stopped drinking — You can check with Daisy Aunty.

Dear Mr God, thank you so much. You could not give me back my Mama but You have given me a brand new Papa.

Lots of love and kisses,

Andrew stopped reading. A few minutes later when Mrs Daisy entered the living room with the breakfast tray she found Andrew sitting in the armchair his eyes closed, a crumpled envelope in his hand and tears streaming down his face.

This short story was first published in (between 1999 to 2002).

Ramendra Kumar (Ramen) is a children’s writer with 38 books to his name. He has won 34 awards in the competition for writers of children’s literature organised by Children’s Book Trust (CBT), over the years. He also dabbles in satire, poetry, fiction and travelogues. His writings have been translated into 15 Indian and 14 foreign languages and have also found a place in text books, as well as national and international anthologies. A much sought after inspirational speaker and story teller, Ramen has been invited to participate in several conferences and festivals. These include the IBBY Congress of Children’s Writers in Denmark (2008) & Greece (2018) and Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (2019), apart from many literary events across the country. In the Congress held in Greece he was the only writer from India to be invited to chair two sessions. An Engineer and an MBA, Ramen is former General Manager & Chief of Communications, SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant. He is the father of two children who are bonsai celebrities in their own right. While Ankita is a youth icon and a travel blogger with an Instagram following of 76K, Aniket creates cool Apps and designs covers for his Dad's books. His website is
All Posts of Ramendra Kumar

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4 thoughts on “Dear Mr God…

  • Madhu

    A little girt has really expressed her emotions & feelings to God as if she is in direct touch with “GOD”!!!
    This is called “Pure and Innocent world” of a little girl.
    Thanks to writer Ramendra Kumar for sharing such a beautiful story…..!

  • Anand M

    Lovely story! Brought tears to my eyes. Reminds me once again the importance of balance in our lives and I should spend more time with my little girl who is about the same age as Avanti.

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