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Journey to a Strange Island

December 16, 2013

Learning & Creativity publishes short stories by creative kids. This story is about an adventure in a strange island.

Creative Writing By Kids
By Manvi Gupta
Rishabh Public School, Mayur Vihar-I, Delhi

Once, there were two brothers and one sister. They loved each other a lot. The elder brother was a pilot. Once they decided to go on a journey in a private helicopter. They packed their bags.

Children Stories - Journey to a Strange Island

Suddenly, a storm came and they were forced to land on a strange island.

Finally, they were ready for the journey. Their pilot brother was flying the helicopter. They were flying over an ocean. Suddenly, a storm came and they were forced to land on a strange island.

They were looking here and there. Suddenly, a gate opened and they went inside the gate. There, they saw a very beautiful place. There were waterfalls and forests. In the middle of the forest, they saw a palace. It was made of gold. They walked and walked. They saw many houses.

There was a partition between the lands. On one side, there were Lilliputs but on the other side there were people of their own size. The Lilliputs were very kind but the people on other side were very cruel. They entered the land of Lilliputs who welcomed them with respect and honour. But when they reached the land of the people of their size they didn’t welcome them.

They were very hungry so they requested the people to help them but no one helped them. At last they went to a house and knocked for help. A man opened the door. The man gave them food to eat. He also gave them a boat and a lot of food for their journey back home.

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Creative Writing

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