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Soul Seekers – Love, Lost and Found

February 13, 2014 | By

Soul Seekers is the story of Pia, a pretty girl, whose life transverses through many twists and turns before she finally finds her soul mate.

Book Review

Title: Soul Seekers
Author: Neelam Saxena Chandra
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

No matter how far the soul-mates are, no matter what differences they have, no matter how cruel the course of destiny is; love finds bridges across the barriers, dissolves differences, and defies destiny. Miracles do happen in true love!

Soul Seekers: Book Review

It’s goodie-goodie story which revolves solely around the pretty Pia.

Soul Seekers is the story of Pia, a pretty girl, whose life transverses through many twists and turns before she finally finds her soul mate.

It’s goodie-goodie love story which revolves solely around the pretty Pia. A dejected child of destiny, she got the news of losing her parents and getting her dream job at the same time. Faced with the best and the worst news of life at the same time, Pia finds herself at the crossroads.

Her brother, her only sibling, abandons her when she needs him the most.

Heart-broken and bearing the burden of her parents’ loss and a haunting past, she heads for Hyderabad where she finds solace in the company of Mita, a vibrant and sweet girl who happens to be her colleague at work and her friend and well-wisher at home.

Scared of relationships and love, due to her haunting past, Pia eventually finds her soul mate in Yatin. Life seems to be bed of roses for her. But not for long. A heart break yet again leaves her shattered. She does find solace in Atul but a broken heart which has been through untold miseries is too bruised to love again. Does Pia finally find her true love? Can her friends pull her out of her disenchantment?

Author Neelam Saxena Chandra has woven the plot carefully ensuring that Soul Seekers neither flies like a fairy tale nor does it become an out-and-out sob story. It’s a kabhi-khushi-kabhi gham-type of story.

The book touches every aspect of human emotions – family values, friendship, compassion, care, romance, love, hate, separation, and reunion. I would specifically like to mention a father-son bond, that grows and matures in the midst of adversity, in the episode that touches your heart. There are several other similar sequences .

Overall it’s a simple read with a love lost and found kinda twist.

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