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Many Advantages of Solar Power

August 19, 2013 | By
By Siddhant Verma
St. Francis School, Ghaziabad
Solar Power

Siddhant Verma (right) explaining the solar power apparatus in an exhibition

Solar Power comes from the word ‘solar’ which means ‘sun’. This is a resource which never gets finished. There are many resources which get finished after some time like water, oil and other perishable commodities.

Solar power is used for generating electricity. There are many things run by solar power. In many countries, solar power is also used to run cars and for street lights. Let me explain the uses of solar power with the help of a model.

As you can see in the picture, when I put my hands on the solar panel, light is emitted. This proves that when you do not allow the light to come to the solar panel, the lights powered by it come on. Similarly, if you leave the solar panel open, there will be no light. The same mechanism is used in the street lights.

As we know that the street lights come on only after the sun set. So there are no lights during the day. On the top of the street lights, there are solar panels that hold the battery to control the lamp. When there is no sunlight, the street lights come on.

There are many advantages of solar power. It can be used for running many things like geysers and other electrical equipment. The biggest advantage is that usage of solar power in place of other conventional energy sources helps us conserve other power generation resources. The initial cost of solar panel is high but it is a one time investment. We derive rich returns from this investment for a long time by saving conventional and perishable energy sources.

Let us all say “yes” to solar power and make this world a better place to live in.

Siddhant is a topper in his class, an Abacus champion and a talented cricketer. He loves to write on issues facing children and young people in society.
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3 thoughts on “Many Advantages of Solar Power

  • Madhu Verma

    A nice & very informative article written by Siddhant Verma on Solar Power.

    In the last para, Siddhant has rightly conveyed about the advantage of solar power.
    The biggest advantage is that if we use solar power in place of other conventional energy sources it would help us in conserving other power generation resources.

    Let us all say “yes” to solar power and make this world a better place to live in.

    Keep it up and I look forward to more informative articles in near future from you!!!

  • Dhiraj Sinha

    Really a very nice topic; we have to focus on this system. Solar energy is long lasting source of energy,people are looking for alternative energy sources to save money.

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