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The Talking Snowman

December 9, 2013 | By

Christmas Special Story: “We are going to make the largest snowman in the world”

Creative Writing By Kids
By Archisha Bhatt
Std. V, Queen Mary’s School, Mayur Vihar-I, Delhi
Snowman Sketches By Kids

Jack made the snowman’s head and torso. William stuck its nose (a carrot) and hands (sticks)

There was such a commotion up and down the house that the adults could not even hear their own shouts!

Two children were running and two were shouting – “The snow has fallen! We are going to make the largest snowman in the world”.

Jack and William ran out of their house without their blazers. Darrell and Lucy were laughing at the boys antics. Their mother and father were shouting. “Put on your blazers Jack and William! Darrell, Lucy! Why don’t you instruct your brothers to be more sensible?”

“Mother! Won’t you wish me luck? I am going to build a snowman for the first time, ” said Lucy. She was the youngest and was not allowed to build a snowman with the others before.

The four went out, talking loudly. “Will we make the snowman down the lane? Yes, we will. Every snowman which we made was built down the lane.”

They went down lane and began making the snowman. Jack made the snowman’s head and torso. William stuck its nose (a carrot) and hands (sticks). Lucy stuck its eyes (black stones) and Darrell placed few stones in the torso for buttons.

“Alas! We made it but it surely isn’t the largest snowman”, Darrel said. “But you should be happy that you made a nice and strong one,” Lucy said.

She had hardly finished her sentence when they heard a sound approaching them. It was the sound of a remote controlled helicopter.

“STOP! STOP!” they shouted. The helicopter swerved but it hit the snowman’s head.

“My helicopter!” cried a young boy.

“Oh No, My Head!” a strange voice remarked.

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Archisha loves reading adventure stories and is a prolific writer of stories and poems.
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