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Sangeeta Gupta's Blog

Sangeeta Gupta

About Sangeeta Gupta

The eldest child and only daughter of legendary music composer Madan Mohan, Sangeeta Gupta grew up in a household filled with music and innovation. Although not formally trained in music, Sangeeta learned to appreciate good music created by all the legendary composers and stalwarts right through her childhood. She worked with Davar's College of Commerce in Mumbai, Eve's Weekly Ltd and Stardust and moved to Jaipur after her marriage. Married to a businessman who is also very fond of music, Sangeeta has two daughters who appreciate and love vintage music as well as new music. Sangeeta shares the master composer's rare and popular songs, vintage pictures and anecdotes behind the making of those everlasting songs on her Facebook which commands a huge fan following. The Madan Mohan family also maintains the popular Madan Mohan Facebook Page which is a treasure trove for music lovers. Sangeeta's memoir of her illustrious father has been published in the official Madan Mohan website