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Silence of the Sun

April 27, 2017 | By

A sensitive poem depicting the life of an autistic child, for the Autism Special Edition I of ‘Learning and Creativity’.

Autism Awareness Special Edition I

By Sunila Khemchandani Kamal
autism awareness

I love the silence of the sun at dawn
Chirping birds drive away my silly yawns

I heard the echo of the twirling trees
Thumping of leaves falling off in pain
The wind slapped the tree trunks repeatedly
Did you not hear wailing voices? I did.

I love the silence of the sun at dawn
Chirping birds drive away my silly yawns
Melody sweet amidst cacophony
Yes, I stare in silence to feel it deep.

I love to chase butterflies in the park
Play with puppies and kittens till it’s dark
They love and ask not a thing in return
Are they not better than most of humans?

They say I’m as slow as a snail to learn
They sneer and when I’m vexed I tend to spurn
Heard them call me autistic, I don’t care
They light up blue but I hate their strange stares

Often I pull my mum’s dress, she minds not
She smiles, pulls me close to heart to hug
I’m special for dad too but others laugh
My family’s love is more than enough.

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The Significant League is a Facebook literary group which was started by a person who has a child with autism and hence has a special interest in it which explains why every April Autism Awareness month the group tries to do something connected with autism. This time, as for last year, it has been to trying to get its members to write poems on autism. Some very fine poems have come up as result.
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