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August 26, 2018 | By

A wistful poem about silence, which is all about an inward journey into one’s own self.

It’s a serene river of meditation

A day of
silence is equivalent to
thousand holy nights,
Silence is a day of colors
Splashing hues of serenity.
It’s the flute of calmness
And the euphony of broken lyrics,
That breaks the dissonance of chaos
Into ineffable harmony.
It’s the spring of every fading season
That sprouts buds of hope,
For the roasted souls
Lacerated hearts
And wanderers of autumn.
It’s a serene river of meditation
Flowing from the soul,
That drowns you
To lift you to the shore.
A day of silence
Is a journey within…
That rides you
Through the abyss of consciousness
Within the flashes of memories,
To unveil the undiscovered you.
Ah! Silence is a day of colors
Splashing hues of serenity!

Pic courtesy: Pixabay

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Born in Jammu and Kashmir, Pulwama district, India, Ruhail Andrabi is currently pursuing doctorate degree in educational sciences with a specialization in educational psychology. While pursing his post graduation, when he was around 20 years of age, he discovered his passion for literature and philosophy. Largely self taught, he reads literature for the eternal joy of discovering the metaphysical questions of human nature. He is highly influenced by E. A Poe, Robert Frost, Oscar Wilde and JM Storm. He writes mainly on existentialism and love, realism and loneliness. Recently, eight of his poems got published in a journal called Dotism, based in Sydney, Australia.
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