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The Scar

June 6, 2014 | By

Amit was a tall handsome guy, who was not only the heartthrob among his relatives but friends and college professors also. He had an attitude to win, and he was always a winner in everything he did.

Be it studies or games or college functions he was always on top, but this is also true that everybody is not perfect and so was the case with Amit. His one negative point gave him the biggest shock of his life and taught him a lesson, which he could never forget.


Finally all settled well and Amit and Preeti got married.

He considered that the only beauty of a girl is outer beauty, so he would fall for any beautiful girl he saw.

When he entered into second year of college, and the first years joined he saw Preeti.

She was a girl with real beauty and brain. Dressed in pink salwar kameez she looked so amazing that even girls turned to look at her.

One fine day during a college function, Preeti and Amit met and their friendship clicked and after a year they both realized that it is the love cupid that has struck them and they confessed their love for each other to their parents.

Finally all settled well and after graduation Amit and Preeti got married. While Amit joined his dad’s business Preeti took over the household work. She was the dearest of all family members.

All was going fine till one day when Amit and Preeti decided to throw a party for his parents wedding anniversary. While returning from a shopping mall they met with an accident the glass pieces shredded and damaged Amit’s eyes and Preeti’s beautiful face.

They were rushed to nearby hospital and the doctor since he knew their family immediately operated them. Days passed in tensions, with Amit becoming frustrated day by day with his condition.

Doctors could not say if Amit will ever be able to see but it did not deter Preeti from caring for Amit, she forgot about her damaged face and took care of him keeping him as happy as possible and looking after the in laws too. She learnt the business and helped her father in law. Juggling three roles together she still had the positive attitude that one day everything will be fine.

Amit on the other hand was always grudging over his condition and one fine day in frustration he asked Preeti to give him divorce and get married to some other guy, he does not want her to live with handicapped. Preeti knew his frustration and did not loose her cool and asked him to reply her one question- what would have he done if she had lost her eyes?

She made Amit realize that marriage is not just a mere relationship but a bond, which gets stronger with time and does not get affected by problems in life.

Well it is definitely true that after every nightfall there is a beautiful morning waiting. So although it was almost more than a year but a wonderful morning awaited in Preeti’s life too. It was Preeti’s birthday when she was getting ready to go to work when suddenly Amit stumbled upon something and fell down the stairs, Immediately he was rushed to hospital and guess what?


After every nightfall there is a beautiful morning waiting.

He got his eyesight. It was a miracle; he could now see the world again. He wanted to see Preeti and his parents it was then for the first time Preeti did not want to go near Amit as she was afraid on how Amit would react to this. Nobody had told him about Preeti’s damaged face. Although there were surgeries done upon her there were still scars on her once beautiful face.

Finally after much convincing by her in laws and parents that Amit would not be affected by her face value, because he loves her, but they were wrong.

The moment Preeti went to meet Amit he was shocked to see Preeti’s face with scars. At that moment he did not say anything but once he got discharged from the hospital his behavior changed. He tortured Preeti to such an extent (not physically but mentally) by not talking to her, insulting her in front of others that one night she left the house without informing any one. She did not go to her parents either. She was walking down the lane when she heard someone calling her name she turned behind to see her best friend Mitali.

When she heard the whole story she decided to save Preeti’s married life. She took Preeti to her house and called up Amit’s parents to let them know this. Immediately they rushed to her house and after listening to the whole thing decided to teach Amit a lesson.

They took Preeti to a well-known cosmetic surgeon who assured them that she will get her original face back but it will take few months. In the meantime they took help from their best friend’s daughter Shivani to hook up Amit with her beauty, and it happened. Amit got attracted to Shivani and even thought of getting married to her once he divorces Preeti.

Amit’s parents were too shocked to see his attitude. They often cried but at the same time they were determined to have Preeti in their life back.

Six months later Preeti was recovering from the surgery and all was going as per Mitali’s plan. Amit was completely in Shivani’s love and decided to propose her on her birthday.

As everybody knew about this the time had come to pull down the curtains. So Shivani was to call someone on phone saying once she marries Amit she will takeover his business and property and marry her dream boy. So that Amit can hear this and then he should realize what value Preeti held in his life.

It happened exactly the same way. When Amit went to propose Shivani she acted as if she does not know about his presence and talked on phone to someone telling her plans to ditch Amit.

Amit was very shocked on hearing this and without saying a word went back to his home. That day he cried and for the first time he realized what wrong he has done to Preeti. He missed her badly but did not have the guts to say sorry.

He wanted to talk to someone and wanted a shoulder to cry on. Then he got up went to his parents and told them everything breaking down to tears. Then Amit’s mother told him how his attitude hurt everyone.

Explained him that beauty is not everything, consoled him and told him everything.

After listening to the whole drama Amit immediately ran to his in laws to ask them forgiveness and bring back Preeti.

Although Preeti came back to Amit’s life and they happily lived together ever after but forever Amit’s behaviour left a deep scar in Preeti’s heart, and at the same time taught Amit that outer beauty is not everything. It’s one nature, which is the true reflection of beauty.

Beautiful Inside will also reflect outside.

Pooja Purohit, (36), is a student of Micro Biology. She has a flair for writing. Her other hobbies are reading, spending time with family and playing puzzle games. Currently she works with a UK based MNC. She takes life as it comes.
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