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Sathuranga Vettai Review: Most Thrilling, Engaging And Real Tamil Heist Thriller

November 14, 2014 | By

Without any popular star and the typical Kollywood stylish stunts, Sathuranga Vettai movie delivers on content.

Sathuranga Vettai (2014)

Cast:  Natarajan Subramaniam, Ishara Nair, Ponvannan, Ilavarasu
Director:  H. Vinoth
Music:  Sean Roldan
Producer:  Manobala, Sanjay Rawal

Sathuranga Vettai movie Review

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Sathuranga Vettai (Tamil 2014) is an expertly woven tale of a remorseless con man, for whom, “money is the ultimate”…

“The real hero of Sathuranka Vettai is its script, which with its twists and turns, keeps us guessing for most parts of the film,” writes The Times of India and for once I can’t agree more. The film has notched up an IMDB rating 8/10.

Sathuranga Vettai is very easily the most thrilling, engaging and real Tamil Heist Thriller I have watched this year. Without any popular star and the typical Kollywood stylish stunts this movie delivers on content and how.

Made at a paltry amount from today’s standards (Rs 5.45 Crores) the film worked on a shoestring budget but made the most of it, undoubtedly. Interestingly, this film’s script was not accepted by many directors initially. That’s a shame because the movie truly deserves to be made. Viewers who love fast paced, comic-satirical undertones in a movie must not miss this film as it also packs in a deep set human psyche depicted with finesse and sensitivity.

Gandhi Babu (Natraj) is a sharp, street-smart guy who has risen from rags to riches with his constant idea-factory that thrives on weaving and executing unimaginable money making plots. These plots are incredulous but believable because day in and day out we find these money making ideas being shared in the market and people queuing up to know more.

The opening lines say it all. “Making money is the easiest thing in the world, provided you have a taker who is as greedy as you.” The protagonist goes through such fantastic personality changes for every scam he does, you can’t help but applaud at the sheer acting talent this guy has. Natraj shines with his dialogue deliveries, his thorough homework on each and every character he plays in the various heists he cons. He is very ably supported by Ishara Nair, as his assistant who later becomes his wife.

While Gandhi Babu represents the section of society who feel money is supreme and the only thing worth striving for by hook or by crook, Ishara represents the other section of society who believes that money is not the end gain for everything. She believes in the life that lies beyond this illusive chase for money. What appeals most in the film is the way in which it balances its explorations and views on both sections of society – the money chasers and the dreamers.

Mercifully, the director refrains from passing judgements on Gandhi Babu for being a gold-digger, a typical risk with such subjects. Nor does the film give out any preachy message about how one should avoid making money the sole target of life. Rather, through subtle changes in Gandhi, the director drives home the point that money is just money and can never usurp the place of relations and ethics.

I truly wish that someone takes pain and remakes Sathuranga Vettai in Hindi. Very highly recommended movie to all those who crave thrill, comedy and satire with superb acting by one and all proving to be cherry on the cake.

Shakun Rana Narang is Administrator of Moviemaniacs Facebook Group. The opinions shared by the reviewers are their personal opinions and does not reflect the collective opinion of Moviemaniacs Facebook Group or Learning and Creativity emagazine. All pictures used in this article are movie stills from the Internet.

Watch Sathuranga Vettai Trailer:

Shakun Narang is passionate about people, dancing, music, kids and their safety rights, traveling and city exploring. She is a perpetual dreamer and dream-chaser, a friend for life and companion for all conversations and part time Agony Aunt. A moviebuff and bookworm herself she is actively working on her Facebook communities Moviemaniacs and Bookoholics to be that happy place where people bursting with views and reviews around movies and books can meet and mingle with like minded people.
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