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Recall Rhyme

July 11, 2015 | By

A wistful poet’s prayer that encompasses his emotional fervour, his love for nature’s bounty and the wondrous memories of his life in his village.


After the aroma of a half soaked earth
spills over you

Remember me
during the perennial cycles of seasons
when the spring sweetens you
with its glorious fragrance
and your days are brightened by its colors.

After the aroma of a half soaked earth
spills over you
during the first rains of the season
and you wish the aroma lingered
and lingered and lingered.

While the monsoon lashes your rooftop
in a torrential chaos
and the rainbow peeps through
your open window
to sneak a look at you.

As the roses bloom in the valley
and throw you into a thorny thicket of nostalgia
and learn by heart
when smiling jasmine cajoles you.
in their nocturnal sensuality.

As soon as the autumn makes you gloomy
mellowed tears
trickle down your pale cheeks
together with the falling leaves.

Once the smell of vegetation
of a rustic delta of the river,
takes you over
and the cuckoo of my village
orchard sings my ballad just for you.

When you the silently recite
my passionate musings
in the isolation of geography
and the loneliness of your heart,
what time me here languish in a solitary island cell
in a pathetic nostalgia.

As the evening descends on your domes
and prayer is here aloud
from the mosque, the church
and the temple.

When I am dead and dissolved
and my frail body life less entombed
in a nameless graveyard
of my country side.

Remember me…Remember me…

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Sanjay Kumar Bissoyi is an alumnus of IIMC and a columnist. What distinguishes him from others in communication field of expertise is that he treats communication as entertainment. Sanjay has a special interest in writing poems and he believes the road to success is trying. Born in Nabarangpur, Odisha but now based in Delhi, he's determined to uncover the secrets of how people become successful.
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