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Quest For A Rhetoric

April 29, 2015 | By

The poem is a rumination about negative experiences and their aftereffects in our lives. Even after certain episodes in our lives blow over, their memories linger on for a lifetime and are perhaps more torturous than the actual incidents. The poem is a reflection of this dilemma regarding the impression left behind by the wounds and their scars.

Poetry Month Special


With the first rays of dawn, my flame seized your being

You wished me to be a candle
to read me in my light.
And while you read on,
I dropped hot tears on your behalf.
As the night wore on,
You wondered what kept me aglow.
For, reasons there were none.
Save to illuminate your path
through my life.
In my flickering glow,
I could read your glance, askance.
‘Why is it that sometimes
the scar hurts more than the wound? ‘
I had no answer.
You see, I had both.
And time had dulled all sensations.

With the first rays of dawn,
my flame seized your being,
to be wounded and scarred.
And the last drop of wax
sealed your fate.

Now, I can burn no more
and shall read you in your light.
And ask you,
‘Does the scar hurt more
or the wound?’
For now you know
how love burns
and leaves nothing behind.

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Tapti Pal has been born a Bengali, brought up in Odisha and Kerala and settled in Jharkhand, which helped her broaden her horizons as a person and also as a writer. A University topper, she is a postgraduate , and M. Phil in bioscience. After a decade long stint as a school teacher, she quit in order to live a life of her choice. Teaching, music and reading continues to be her passion, Having a grown up son who is away from home to pursue academics, she has devoted her time to writing poems and prose pieces.
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