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Proud to be an Indian

February 21, 2018 | By

Kirtana Prakash writes an inspiring poem on what makes her feel so proud about her diverse but united country India.

proud to be Indian


India is a land of cultures diverse,
And a treasure trove of ancient literature and verse,
India exhibits hospitality great,
And is united though it has 29 states.

A country of immensely unique heritage,
With something marvellous on each history page,
India is the home of Indians incredible,
Who have accomplished feats truly unbelievable.

Yoga, Ayurveda and Mathematics to name a few,
Are the rich legacy inherited by me and you,
Indeed, I am truly proud to be an Indian,
And vow to be a child worthy of this nation.

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Kirtana Prakash eats, sleeps and drinks stars. Well, astronomy is her favourite topic, closely followed by Harry Potter. She's a voracious reader and an avid Carnatic singer too.
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