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Prepare Well for Maths Olympiad 2015

July 21, 2015 | By

Olympiad Champs Mathematics books for Classes 1 to 8 are one of its kind books intended for students who are keen to appear in world’s renowned Maths Olympiad exams.

Olympiad exams are set to take place from September. Students are gearing up to prepare for the exams. Enthusiastic parents too are geared up looking for refined materials and books to help their children prepare soundly for the competitive exams. Learning and Creativity recommends some of the most popular and sought after books for Maths Olympiad 2015.

Olympiad Champs Mathematics books for classes 1 to 8 are one of its kind books intended for students who are keen to appear in world’s renowned Olympiad exams. Designed on the content based on National Curriculum Framework prescribed by the NCERT, the Olympiad Champs books aim for not just achieving high ranks in the exams but to develop a deeper understanding of the Mathematics analytical concepts in students.

Recommended Maths Olympiad Books

All the questions in Maths Olympiad book are designed in a way so as to test the analytical skills and knowledge of students and improve their comprehension of the subject further. Solutions and explanations are given in the book for all the questions. The questions in the book are divided into two categories – Challenge A and Challenge B. While Challenge A is a beginner’s level that tests the basic knowledge about the subject; Challenge B is the more advanced level.

Math Olympiad Class 6 Book

Olympiad Champs Mathematics Class 6 with 5 Online Olympiad Practice Tests

Moreover the books contain 5 Online Practice Olympiad Tests that provide a sneak peek of the Olympiad exams to students and let them test their knowledge and evaluation, analytical skills beforehand.


Olympiad Exam 2015 is set to begin from September

It is time to choose your Olympiad Books and start preparing.

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