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Possessed By Life

September 23, 2013 | By

I am possessed by life and I can’t deny

I won't deny time or the flow between the  banks, Sun, which has entered my veins

I won’t deny time or the flow between the banks,
Sun, which has entered my veins

I am possessed
I won’t deny time
or the flow between the banks,
Sun, which has entered my veins
Colours which sprout are not in vain
I am possessed by life and I can’t deny.

The weaver wove it and
placed it on the wind

to feed my senses and
unlock the rusty doors
there is not much I can do
for the hour glass has been broken on a beach
neither the time is mine nor the sand
for I am possessed by life.

I experience freedom
For I am not bound anymore
Just a man possessed
Not by an idea but by life.


Vivek Chib is a practising advocate in New Delhi
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2 thoughts on “Possessed By Life

  • Lipi Bhattacharya

    An expression of depth in thought. When one is possessed by life, there is no necessity to be free because this possession is acceptance, this possession is passion. With such a devoted feeling towards life, we are at the core of ourselves…..that core which is untouched by the superficial…….

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