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When a Poet Loves You

January 12, 2016 | By

A whimsical poem about how a poet’s verses can leave a deep impact on the reader’s mind.

His pen has bled his heart onto a virgin space

His pen has bled his heart onto a virgin space

When a poet loves you
he immortalises you for posterity
His pen has bled his heart onto a virgin space
Sometimes a racking sob escapes the nib
Often a tearful shriek of protest reaches an ear
Words get wings of fire
They spout venomous volleys
Dragons and snakes creep out of the verses

A love sick poet has magical powers to beckon the moon and the stars
They jump to his bidding
The breeze turns fragrant for him
Flowers lend their hues and charms
The Rose and the Jasmine know the poet by his first name
As they are often called upon to speak on his behalf!

A writer erects a monument for his beloved
Not unlike the pristine moon soaked Taj Mahal
Each poem is a goddess incarnate
Each paragraph a temple
Caravan loads of readers will read the curves and nuances
Of the beloved
Artfully hidden in the myriad metaphors and besotted images

How can anyone ever forget you once a poet has loved you?
His verses will yell out loud and proclaim it to the world
No testimony will be required
One glance at the poem and the whole story will unfurl like a fluttering prayer flag in the distant Himalayas!

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A post graduate in English from Punjab University, Lily taught in degree classes. A gold medalist and a university colour holder for dramatics and histrionics, Lily enjoyed editing the college magazine and writing middles for newspapers. Poetry is a passion that flared after her young son's sudden demise.
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