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I Do Believe

September 19, 2013 | By

Be not afraid of dreaming Believe me, life is worth living And so, I too believe I do, I do believe

By Bhanavi Mathur
Bluebells School International, New Delhi

Where I slide on rainbows dazzling in their hues
Where amidst the deepest sorrows, hope renews

Be not afraid of dreaming
Believe me, life is worth living,
And so, I too believe
I do, I do believe.

Far away exists a land,
The fairy dust of a magic wand,
Free of despair and abhorrence,
That world sits within a rosy lens.

Nobody there regrets their step,
Nobody there knows when they wept,
Nobody needs to read between lines,
Sour oranges find a place in sweet vines.

It’s a land of imagination,
And there I feel true elation,
All boundaries disappear,
And joy conquers all fear.

There I dance like a swan,
And be the nightingale in morn,
I sway with the wind jazzing by,
Like a free, free bird, there, I fly.

I shine like a star,
There, and only there,
Beautiful as the moon I can be,
I grow oblivious of this dark reality.

Oh, I want this precious wish,
Where I have my very own niche,
I am the red in a bouquet of white,
I long for that golden land alight.

Where the spirit of love thrives,
The lovely horse of Epona awaits my ride,
I aim merely for the stars twinkling bright,
And the sky becomes mine all through the night.

Where I slide on rainbows dazzling in their hues,
Where amidst the deepest sorrows, hope renews,
Removing all traces of blue,
That place is known to very few.

In that utopia I long to be,
The one pragmatics, do not to see,
But it’s there, we know, don’t we?
For if I believe, I know it shall be!

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Bhanavi Mathur is in 12th grade at Bluebells School International. She enjoys writing musings and poetry.
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One thought on “I Do Believe

  • Partho Mondal

    Great poem Bhanavi! Love your sign-off line, “For if I believe, I know it shall be!”

    I feel our greatest problem as we grow older, we start losing faith in our beliefs. Keep believing and I am sure one day you will find your utopia! As Henry Ford so famously said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

    Keep writing! I look forward to reading more poems and musings of yours!

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