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A Poem in Response to Life

May 12, 2014 | By
Who knows, the rain’s senses might follow me everywhere

Who knows, the rain’s senses
might follow me everywhere

Last few dusks
I sneaked into to the pearly rain falls
lapping, soaking onto the soil
on the rims of the yearning shrubberies
tapped by the sunny annexes
of intermittent, random evening stars.

Showering with a rhythmic accent
on the wreckages and
plumbing tin buckets
in the backyards.

I respond to life
of the busy metro
where I am aware
of allocating my reveries
with the daily displacement
swamping in;
people from most other scenes
assembling here and
asserting their rights.

where even the grasshoppers dare to hum in the untimely February rain

where even the grasshoppers dare to hum
in the untimely February rain

The passion scattering angels
the sparkling rain drops
fed up with the icy euphoric
cadences of the firmament afar
seized the hierarchy of the liquid streams
the cold winter rains
to go downhill
where even the grasshoppers dare to hum
in the untimely February rain
and blue birds move the eerie evenings.

As I reviewed the blue viewing me
and clouds giving me the space,
dispelling my monotony all at once
I leaped with a transformed spirit
to safeguard my possessions
and save up the moments passing by.

I became prudent with the shower.
What really is the element of this rain?
Am I heeding to the thumping of
the rain’s heart throbs
and basking in
the splendor of a gem
touched by the touchstone?

While sipping black coffee in the calming down evenings the rain might immerse me!

While sipping black coffee
in the calming down evenings
the rain might immerse me!

Anyway, it moves me to allude
everything that passes by
and cling to the cadence
of the heart of this
spick-and-span rain.

Who knows, the rain’s senses
might follow me everywhere–
from a sing-song ferry
while crossing the Hooghly!

While sipping black coffee
in the calming down evenings
the rain might immerse me!

Or from above the
downcast clouds
the rain might reach out to me!

I may have to smile back
in response to life.

Dr. Nandini Sahu’s preoccupation with poetry began very early in life, and today she is a major voice in contemporary Indian English poetry. Dr. Nandini Sahu (1973) has accomplished her doctorate in English literature under the guidance of Late Prof. Niranjan Mohanty, Prof. of English, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan. She is a poet and a creative writer of international repute, has been widely published in India, U.S.A, U.K., Africa and Pakistan. Dr. Sahu has presented papers on various subjects in India and abroad. She is a double gold medalist in English literature and also the award winner of All India Poetry Contest, the Shiksha Ratna Purashkar and Bouddha Creative Writers’ Award. She is the author/editor of ten books titled “The Other Voice”(a poetry collection), “Recollection as Redemption”, “Post-Modernist Delegation to English Language Teaching”, “The Silence”(a poetry collection),“The Post Colonial Space: Writing the Self and the Nation”,“Silver Poems on My Lips(a poetry collection), Folklore and the Alternative Modernities (Vol.I) and Folklore and the Alternative Modernities (Vol. II), Sukamaa and Other Poems ) and Suvarnarekha (An Anthology of Indian Women Poets Writing in English) all of those published from New Delhi. She has one poetry collection under publication, Sita (A Poem). Presently, she is an Associate Professor of English in Indira Gandhi National Open University [IGNOU], New Delhi. She is continuing her D.Litt. on Native American Literature. Dr. Sahu has designed academic programmes/courses on Folklore and Culture Studies, Children’s Literature and American Literature for IGNOU. Her areas of research interest cover Indian Literature, New Literatures, Folklore and Culture Studies, American Literature, Children’s Literature and Critical Theory. She is the Chief Editor/Founder Editor  of Interdisciplinary Journal of Literature and Language(IJLL), a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal in English.
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3 thoughts on “A Poem in Response to Life

  • Devender

    A beautiful description of everyday life of a common person. In the present day hustle-bustle we forget to take out time to stop and recall all these beautiful experiences.
    It is refreshing to read them just as if we are experiencing them right in front of our eyes. A very good description.

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