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Nature best

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Tejasri Gururaj
Tejasri Gururaj enjoys music, science and nature. She likes to read books and draw Visit my Blog
Nature best
Piercing Gaze
Shine Like A Star
Sky Is A Stage
Delicately Floating
Castle In The Air
Soaring high
Touch the sky
Alone and Undaunted
Catching the sun
Clouds are the sky's imagination.

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0 thoughts on “Moods And Moments

Beautifully and touchingly woven story. Narrative flow is great, and the theme and musings on it is peerless. Myself is votary of the failed heroes, and this bird woman steals me!


Santosh di
First thing a big round of applause for you. Never knew I will encounter a writer in You.
It’s after 1994 I have seen a glimpse of you. Thanks to Renu Di’s friend request.
Fantastic initiative. Look forward to some musings of a philosopher as well.


Ashok Bhargava

Thoroughly enjoyed reading the detailed, analytical and in-depth interview of Ramakant Das. I am fortunate to have met him personally. He is a very personable and friendly person. He is a poet of high calibre.


Ashok Bhargava

Amazing how a small incident could become a life long memory and innocence could be immortalized by the power of words. Your writing style dignifies poverty and bestows a sense of quiet strength to a child’s smile.


Very well brought out. The boy-girl imbalance starts from the fetus and grows into disproportionate misogyny at the societal level. I have three daughters and never felt the need or absence of a son. Neither I say that they are as good since that would be admitting the fact that the son is the ‘chirag’ ! I always joke at home that the day I feel outnumbered with three daughters, one granddaughter, and one wife, I would rather go and pick up a male pup only for balancing out ! 😀


Monalisa Joshi

This is a very heart warming story and I hope Raja is stil with you all grown up I guess by now <3


This is so cute. Animals also have an art to take their share of love.From Chotu to Raja…a lovely piece to read in the morning.Bear hugs from Ranchi.


Being a dog lover, must say this makes my day!! And you Ma’am, come across as kind hearted Annapoorna!
The irony of ‘Chhotu’ instantaneously making over to ‘Raja’, quite amusing!
It takes no time to develop a bond with animal and bird life around.
‘Hungry hai kya!’ made me drool over!
Hats off!


Dr. Paromita Ojha

Such a trivial thing …we tend to overlook …. however you have described it so vividly Dr Bakaya…wonderful


Thanks so much Taiyeb Shaikh ji for your little story… its making me feel very hungry for mangoes now. In Delhi we enjoy a variety – chausa, dassehri and langra mostly. My ancestral home is in Benaras – so the summer vacations went into gorging heavenly langras. No one can beat Banarasi langras in sweetness. They are khaas aam 😁

And my mom-in-law used to make out of this world mango shake spiked with kaju, kishmish and a small dash of ice-cream at times.

But I think the name “hapus” fits the aam perfectly – its the sound you make when eating the aam with its skin on….😁 I didn’t know aam (mango) is Urdu. Aamrapali got her name from one born under the mango tree.

Aam (common in Urdu) is well known to all of us here with Diwan-e-Aam and Diwan-e-Khaas of Red Fort 😀 Thank you for sharing the Urdu words.


Taiyeb Shaikh

Superb Morning treat for Mango lovers like me.

From March to June we must eat Mangoes & that too only Alphonso which is popularly known as Hapus in Maharashtra. My mother used to make aamras & serve it with fresh pooris when we used to have too many mango boxes at home.

Growing up in Bombay or Mumbai has its fun.
Waise Aam (common) is عام in Urdu & Aam (Mango) is آم in Urdu. It’s easy to write in Urdu.


I can’t reiterate enough how much I like your picturesque writings. The first few paragraphs are full of example of metaphors that I must show to my students. And then amidst it all you subtly put your point: child marriage! Wonderful writing as always.


Unlike the common people Santosh Bakaya loves to come out of her home even on a rainy day and watch the vigour and vitality of the soaked feathered creatures, and the whelp, and the bipeds. She finds them all nourished and nurtured, exciting and passionate. Her keen eyes do not fail to notice how the neglected cars get a free doorstep car wash, how incorrigibles manage to empty their trash can in their neighbour’s backyard. Being an ardent birdwatcher and a dog lover she spontaneouly gets sprinkled by the love and attention of the fowl and the pup.


Unlike common people, Santosh Bakaya loves to come out of her home even on a rainy day and watch the birds, canines and humans soaked and embraced in the world of their own fancy. Being an ardent birdwatcher and a dog lover she notices how the rains bring new vitality and drive into the kingdom of the feathered creatures and the whelp. Her keen eyes do not fail to notice how the neglected cars get a free car wash and how incorrigibles empty their trash cans in the neighbour’s yard.


Monalisa Joshi

What a beautiful way to express the most mundane with complete surrealism. Enjoyed reading this morning meandering Ma’am…the narration was vivid and a fun read.


Partha Sarathi Mukherjee

Why Santosh Madam is a celebrated story writer, has been answered in her following glimpses of the story above mentioned. Three simple slum dwelling characters but impulsive life n their the movements and how the writer has been decided to be greeted by a dissimulation of birds are full of pulsatios of life in her inking.
We are getting the prosaic surroundings have become thriving with life when scuffling of three birds, have agreed to approach the person for drops of water ,and how startling readers can see buyers in road side shop housed in shanity asking Patanjali product and how then characters become the example of simple life without any artificial simplicity how they represent a mockery of our so called deceptive courtesy ,full of heartless feelings . The writer has described feud and friendship altercation and amiability,but no brutas stabbing of our modern upper middle class family or society.Mock courtesy has been so nicely depicted that it looks sharper than Dattani’s ‘Bravely Fought the Queen”.



The Media hype about the lives and concerns of the celebrities and those who are higher-up in the social ladder is understandable, and you have aptly highlighted the brazen apathy of all towards the daily concerns of the common folk.

Employing a needy girl as domestic help and listening to her in all patience us the hallmark of this excellent narrative


Firdaus Parvez

Haha 😂 love the humour! I remember a milkman pestering me the same way when I stopped buying milk from him. He said I was lucky for him and please could I at least take only a little each day even 250 ml would do. He was persistent to such an extent that I was pulling my hair out and just short of kicking his butt.


Simply hilarious! Love the imagery you create. Can witness the pot-bellied milkman with his flying can, running as fast as his over-burdened legs can carry him with the snarling bhains hot on his heels 🙂

Keep writing!! You rock!


Mehak Gupta Grover

Yes. The hard reality today is this. We are more attracted towards the distinguished ones leaving aside the masses. Beautifully described.


Sangeetha John

so happy that you launched L&C. Your writing always is simple but very beautiful. Thank you for L&C.

Thank you
Sangeetha John


Sanjit Kumar

Sometimes it appears litterateurs don’t only show mirror to societies or do honest commentaries but their sharp uncanny penetration could excite optimism in dark and solve gruelling complexties to living simplicity_____❤️🎶🎶🎶❤️


The author has vividly described the fight of the migrant workers not only at the place of their work but also with the ambiance in which they are forced to live. How the rain-soaked wood consumes their energy in igniting the stove to ensure the cooking of their food. Yet they endure all the despair patiently and forge ahead with their daily grind.


The flip-flop between the two men, one fat and another emaciated, the description of an altercation over the stealing of a towel leading to utter debasemenr and chanting of invectives and in no time the change of narratives while gulping tea and laughing heartily!


U Atreya Sarma

We should try to relate, in one positive way or the other, to everyone we come across in our daily lives and it makes the air and our hearts lighter… paving the way for a better humanity… of course, only when at least a part of our reflections can translate into a concrete gesture for the needy.

And with the increased presence and action-oriented responsiveness of the altruistic minded in the society, and lesser greed… there really need be no ad-hoc or dubious political palliatives. Empathy and cooperative action are the moral of your musings, as I see it, dear Dr Santosh Bakaya. Thanks for tagging me on FB about this piece.


Providential! Getting freshened-up in the early dawn by watching the grind of the struggling labourers in the smoky-chulha. A fitting finale for the international workers’s day–celebrated as May Day! It’s no surprise that Dr. Bakaya wants to have a heart to heart talk with the underprivileged members of the society for whose upliftment she is eveready to stay in the vanguard.


Beautiful….so tender…so warm…infused with a love for reading and a love for books!!! Being a bookaholic, I know that feeling all too well.
Loved your piece Santosh Ma’am. Keep writing


Pathos and humour very well balanced to depict human behaviour towards the have-all’s and have-nots in our society. The story telling style of Santosh is unique… with Charles Lamb’s description for ears and with expressions like asinine recalcitrance… loved the piece


Oh that was great! Love all of your details and witt! It all sprang to life off the screen as I read… so well done!


Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

This is just an awesome piece. I love the intensity of the story as it moves along. I like the illustration as a story line, develops, moves uphill to a climax, then back down to normalcy. It became very interesting at that point. Visualizing the man and the dog as great buddies probably skipping along on their way to their destination after the bout is inspiring. Blessings!


It reminds me legendary Assamese singer Bhupen Hazarika’s famous lines ‘Manush manusher jonney, jibon jiboner jonney’
Great. kudos dear author.


Subhash Chandra

Deprived children’s love of books and reading is beautifully brought out. Written with empathy. A touching piece. Ending is impactful.


Monalisa Joshi

Ahaa…such a sweet and heartwarming story. Yes it’s very true canines can be the best of pals of humans. No wonder their love is so pure and you have shown the same through your story. Loved reading it.


Beautiful post as usual.
Great narration.
Future Sarojini Naidu!?
COMPLIMENTI. BEST wishes and Blessings


Such a gaze. A beautiful write totally engrossing and as refreshing as a summer bloom.


Hunger drives the poor and the rich, animals and humans; brought out well through real-life accounts, in this post.


Nice story where the two could not meet each other. I know a similar actual incident where a young girl and a boy met by chance during a ride in a Taxi from Jaipur to Delhi. Well, they kept on meeting later and are now happily married.


I would like to be a part of this group. Do you accept only articles in English or in Bengali too?


Yes we all have as alert citizens have to take the onus to handle this rising issue and we can do it if we all really decide


Yeah, actually its simple common sense and conscience . if each person follows some basic traffic rules 80 percent issues will melt away. we do it when we go abraod and follow them there because we are scared of penalty but why donot we do that in our own home?


Good write. Be it traffic or pollution or population… they are all different shades of the same problem. Our booming economy (many will disagree) had handed a lot of disposable money to consumers who are now buying cars and upgrading very frequently. Car / two wheeler makers are going for the kill. Today we have global car model launches with simultaneous launch in India.

Most of the people don’t know how to drive cars, yet are on the roads. Licences are easily obtained by paying bribes. Learners are driving in the overtaking lanes. Total chaos. Unless every citizen contributes, with due support from law enforcement agencies, there’s no solution in sight.


To add to the above issues, dedicated BRTS lanes are usurped by private/commercial vehicles. There is basic lack of intellect. We need a military code to conform to traffic rules. Humans unfortunately follow the path of least resistance. We try to take the easy way out whenever possible. A sense of discipline can be inculcated only with the use of strict action against the offenders.
Volume of traffic cops should be increased to man the signals with ease.
Cameras should cover the primary areas of violation to begin with and gradually, the entire city should be covered.
Ridiculous and exorbitant fines should be levied for even small offences. For example, lane cutting – 5000. driving and talking on the mobile – 15000. Drunk driving – no fine, only jail term.
Evidence of the offence should be captured by the camera/devices and not be verbal. The fines should be remitted directly in the government account.
Wrong side driving can be eliminated by installing one-way spikes or “tyre killers”

Mollycoddling and drilling sense into the thick heads of the populace isn’t gong to work. Once the fines drill a hole in their pockets, people will change. A small hike in fuel automatically drives people to make changes to their monthly budget.


Ramen uncle I liked your story very much. I liked Anjali the most because she didn’t leave her nani alone as she knew that she had none to call her own other than her.


Rabindranath Chakravorty

A beautifully articulated essay on the ever energetic chirping girl pining for home coming !


Thanks Sachin! Glad you liked the comment. We need more people like you who treat a child not as a product but as a person.


Very true! Most parents expect too much from tehir kids even if they themselves weren’t any great. Thank you for sharing this post and reminding more parents about the significance of respecting children for what exactly they are rather than what you want them to be. Keep sharing such posts!


This is a beautiful post on my most fav poet of our time. I’m lucky to listen him live in private gatherings. Sahir means magician who mesmerises us with his classic poetry. I used to memorise his ghazals or poetry after listening to him live.

Although I’m a Urdu School product still I had to refer to the dictionary while reading his poetry. It’s an excellent write up by Jyoti Suravarjula ji.


Sahir adopted his pen name after he heard Iqbal’s this couplet.
Is chaman mein honge paida bulbul-e-sheraaz bhi,
Sainkron sahir bhi honge saahib-e-eijaaz bhi!


First Sahir means magician.
About Tajmahal by Sahir…. मज़हर-ए-उल्फत means ‘manifestation of love’… not tomb of love. He used the word Mazhar, not Mazaar. Being a fan of Sahir I am bringing these to your notice. Corrections if made will add value to your essay.


LnC Silhouette Magazine

Some comments received on this poem on Facebook:

Pisharoty Chandran: Your mathematical musing is inspiring. The point is ‘Matter is neither created nor destroyed’. 1 million species get extinct daily. If at all they have souls, they get recycled into newer creations. Some will be in human form, that’s all.
സൃഷ്ടി – Stithi-Samhara. Brahma-Vishnu-Maheswara.
In the end all this is a myth, a virtual reality, suspended in Ananta, the serpent, Time, what we call as the span of our own existence on Earth.


Beautiful. Completely relatable yet context intact. Putting new life to Kalidasa’s version


Thank You Monica.
That’s truly us both,41 years ago.
Our lives are full of many such episodes.
We feel blessed that a Divine Power chooses us.


Wow! Bimal ji, loved reading this hair-raising adventure. And it was real-life! Loved the part where your wife calmly said “we will adopt her”. Bless her and you! If only we had more people like you in the world. Stay blessed!

Antara, loved the pictures you dotted this adventure with! Lovely!


But I have seen myself 2 songs from the film Bombay Racecourse on Doordarshans program, Chaya Geet in 1975.


Rishabh Sharma

Thank you for the opportunity Sir. Will surely look to meet to someday again.


Bengal’s film industry was as full of intense clashes of personalities, jealousies, intrigues and schemings as talent in those days; so much so that there had been several tiffs: for instance those between Uttam Kumar and Hemanta Mukhopadhyay, Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen; just to speak of the two most unfortunate. Both relationships were later patched up, probably chiefly at Uttam Kumar’s own initiative – for he went on to produce films for both, but did much damage to Bengal’s filmdom.

Bengalis have seldom excelled in teamwork! But maybe those failings are not unique to just Bengal: high-profile professions where you constantly are – and demand to be – under the spotlight tend to produce professional rivalries everywhere.


Dear Mr. Pahwa

I was and am a big fan of late actor wrestler DARA SINGH



Thank you for your generous comments Vijay Ji.

Yes, all of his stories have too many characters akin to Russian stories. Although, he is the Shakespeare of Hindi, but his stories overshadowed other Hindi writers such as Mahadevi Verma.

Kafan is definitely best story but Karmabhoomi is the best novel after Godaan. Sad that Doordarshan didn’t make a series on it, otherwise it would appeared like Ramesh Sippy’s Buniyad which too has numerous characters.



Yes, part and parcel of long distance communication, especially in IT companies where what to say and how much you say matters much more than how you work. Sad, but the truth.
Btw, I often do talk on mute.


Nice review.

I have read most of Premchand. To my mind, he was a fine novelist but an extra-ordinary story writer.

In his earlier novels he seemed to lack finesse. Also, his novels had too may characters, much like some of the Russian novels. A comparison of Premchand with Sharat will appear apt. Sharat operated in a narrow woman-centric domain but was exceptionally impactful.

Premchand operated on a larger canvas and his concerns were largely societal than individual. Thus his novels did not emote as much as Sharat’s. But Premchand the story writer still has no peer – Tagore included – in any of the indian languages. The moment he shrunk the theme sweep – necessary for a story – he just became a world beater.

His best story, in my view is Kafan.

Ray woke up to Premchand little late. Yet he created a masterpiece – Shatraj ke Khilari. Sadgati was equally great but it was a short film.


Thank you so much for your kind words sir.
I stand corrected on the couplet. Have requested Antara to correct the mistake and she has quickly responded and done.
I agree with your thought on his theory of religion. I feel an atheist is not always non religious but can be ‘practically religious’.
Also very true that one can read his work again and again and learn or discover something new every time.
Thank you once again._()_


Thank you Antara for your kind words.
Also thank you for sharing the K.L.Saigal sung ghazal and the interesting info about it.


Peeyush Sharma

Thanks Antara for adding the KL Saigal piece. Saigal was probably among first to popularize ghazals among common music lovers.
Each of his ghazals are fabulous.


Peeyush Sharma

Well written Niraj ji.
Ghalib Is evergreen, for all times.

He was simply put, gifted. He suffered all his life in pains of all various kinds only to be revered after his demise. His thought, language, concept, structure of his couplets and their reach is unparalleled. None prior to him and no one after have achieved it in reference to Urdu poetry.

He may have been satirical but his understanding of religions and their theory was unique and complete. How else could he in one line state; Na thha kuchh to Khuda thha, na hota kuchh to Khuda hota, as if stating straight out of the 10th Chapter, Naasadiya Sukta of Rig Veda. Or as if in the very words of Lord Krishna; Baazichaye atfaal hai duniya mere aage, hota hai shab-o-roz tamasha mere aagye. His thought process was gifted and highly philosophical.

One can read him every day and realize something unique.

Kehte hain ki Ghalibn ka hai andaaze bayan aur… Thanks Niraj ji.

One point though; in the penultimate couplet you have used above, it should be “GO” haath mein jumbish nahin (implicating, even though) .
Best wishes on your book.


An excellent essay… opens new vistas of understanding Ghalib!
Each ghazal discussed has been painstakingly translated to help us readers understand the difficult Urdu words… a special thanks for that!

The handpicked collection of ghazal videos is top order too… we’ve grown up on them!

I am reminded of a personal favourite by KL Saigal ‘Main unhen chhedoon aur kuchh na kahen‘ – composed by the legendary singer himself.
I am told he repeats the first line 3 times in the original 78 rpm while in this YouTube video we hear it twice. A unique experimentation but then with Ghalib you got to have excellence in every note.

Thank you Niraj Shah for this poetic trip through Ghalib’s gems!


Thank you Manekji _()_ for your valuable suggestions.
One ghazal each of Talat Saab and Begum Akhtar have been added. The essay is more enhanced now 🙂


Manek Premchand

Very well written, on the greatest Indian poet of them all! Just wish instead of two songs by Jagjit and two by Suraiya, if there had been at least one by Talat – the king of ghazal singing – from Mirza Ghalib the film. And perhaps one from Begum Akhtar or Rafi. Just my thoughts, but otherwise a nice essay 🙂


Thoroughly enjoyed your article on Jagjit Chitra. My ride for work was made enjoyable😊
Can relate with many thoughts.

Superb article.

Just to add a few things:
He used digital recording and modern instruments to attract more youth towards ghazals. Beyond time was first digitally recorded album in 1987.
His live concerts were mix of ‘gayaki‘ and also gimmicks to entertain every type of audience.
For purists he also came out with a pure classical based album in 2000 named different strokes.
His Bhairavi’s were very popular in his live concerts.


Hi Srobona,

Wonder that you’ve written such a wonderful story and also with a moral attached to it . You are truly stepping into your mother’s shoes…..
May God bless you.


Thanks so very much Kunal! Its an impossible task to encapsulate such a Himalayan repertoire in a few words so no one would try that or succeed. My attempt was to try and provide a glimpse into the universality of his work that connects with every human being, irrespective of language, race or creed.
So very glad you liked it. Feeling enriched and humbled with your feedback.


Main Apni Favourite Hoon..says the dreamy eyed Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met and Indian girl wasn’t the same again.


Though incomplete and only an excerpt, its a treat to the readers…….

Kudos dear Lopa……
Will be waiting eagerly for your upcoming collection…….


Outstanding Work Antara. The research, the granular details of Gurudev’s work and the explanation is a literary tour for people like me who dont know so much about him. This article is worthy for a personal collection. Thanks so much.


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Her alcohol laced voice is like a whiplash on celluloid. Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam haunts us even 54 years later.

Like the doomed love story of ‘Chhoti Bahu’ in Sahib Biwi…Both Meena and Geeta (Dutt) became alcoholics and finally both succumbed to cirrhosis of the liver very early in life.

Somewhere her script went haywire… her life went haywire.


Learning and Creativity Magazine

Thank you Maria,

Glad to know this lovely essay by Rounak helped you!

Wish you all the best for your speech. Do well 🙂

Best wishes,
Editor, Learning and Creativity


Sudarshan Talwar

More details I have about Jhankar when it was launched who was director music, lyrics, writer, etc.


Thank you Sriram for the generous appreciation of our magazines – Learning and Creativity and Silhouette.

You have nicely summed up the objective behind our articles – we are trying to curate our rich legacy with as much accurate information and insights as we can gather. There are opinions expressed of course but biases are carefully kept away.

About Sanjeev Kumar – you are absolutely right. In fact, I republished this article in Silhouette with a few more insights.
He was a towering actor among the melee of heroes – his range of histrionics and his ability to slip into the character in a way so as to keep the “Sanjeev Kumar” away was remarkable. He spoke with his eyes – a 1000 words more than any dialogue can convey.

Thank you for your kind comments. I have read all your comments on our other posts too and embedded the videos you have suggested. It will help our other readers enjoy your suggested songs other than our authors who are enjoying your informed feedback.

Please do keep sharing your insights.


Geeta Dutt was the most original singer and a one of the very few singers who sang from core of her heart.
She had a heart of gold comes as no surprise. Unfortunately, she worked in a volatile and opportunistic Industry which let her down.
What she could not earn in life, she earned afterwards.
She is still one of the most popular and revered singers with a large number of fan following.
Her voice carries her golden heart.


This website contains unbiased quality articles about film personalities and true heroes are recognized.

People hail Amitabh and Dilip Kumar as greatest actors but to me they were good star with great screen persona and good acting abilities. Sanjeev kumar was actor among stars. There is no comparison. It is a shame that his prowess has not been recognized to the extent it should.

Keep with with your good work.


Janite cheyechho tumi, bhuleo kokhono mane pade ki tomay;
Ektoo Chaoya aar ektoo paoya, tai niye gaan gaoya sarabela;

I have heard these memorable songs from my childhood without knowing the name of singer but thought that whoever be the singer, she is the great human with all qualities by the God.

Today I know, she is Great Evergreen Singer Geeta Dutt. I go through Geeta Dutt’s life! A beautiful flower nipped in bud! Alas, what right did this man have to shatter her dreams and life. We have never seen her but her songs and style of singing a song explains her internal potentiality & talent and how she was as a human. That is why, God has taken her back to Him for her mental peace because she was not fit for this cruel world.


If you list out the 10 best Hindi films of all time, Amar Prem would be in the list. Superstar Rajesh Khanna looked his handsomest best in this movie & his performance was simply superb, though the movie revolved around Sharmila Tagore who too gave a heart warming performance.

R.D Burman is at his musical best, along with extraordinary lyrics by Anand Bakshi & exceptional direction by Shakti Samanta makes this film an absolute classic..


This is such a heartwarming poem… As a mother I know how difficult it is to make kids listen to you and the most difficult job is to make them wear a sweater or socks or shoes or a cap.
And then when they catch cold, they quip – thandd lag gayi kyunki socks nahin pehne thhe na. (so much knowledge!!!! 😀 )

Loved this poem.. touching, affectionate and beautiful


Shabir Ahmad Mir

Such a subtle piece… The delightful narrative seamlessly underlines the masterful psychological underpinnings of a mother daughter role reversal… From being a love giver to a love seeker… It is simply brilliant


The intimacy of this poem lends it such a tenderness that it makes u wish to be there at the end of poem to smile and treasure a moment of exquisite emotion forever. Thank you Ma’am for such a poem.


An early morning treat…. So intimately beautiful… Thank you Santosh Ma’am for making my day.


Shubhangi Shreya

It is good to add profits in Business. But it is better to give priority to Humankind and think for society welfare.

In this story, I can say that Ms. Joy Dey understands the true meaning and way to do Business. It was important for her to have customers in the restaurant, but she also thought about homeless beggars outside too. In my view, she is a very strong person who can clearly understand – The Needs Of Society along with The Goals Of Business.

It is a very beautiful story with a Moral Value attached to it. I think, the Author is a Creative Genius.


It was very nice it was nicely written by yourself that what your mind though it very very good and you write all the line so so nicely keep it up you will become a huge person


I am so happy for you that you were able to make this wondrous journey and trace so much material on these films produced by your illustrious family! If you ever lay your hands on the prints, I would love to be there for a screening.


कहाँ से ढूंढ के लाऊँ, जावाब-ए-रफी?
तू आज भी लाजवाब है, ए मोहम्मद रफी।


Advocate Pinki Chakraborty

I sumhw inherited d passion on theatres 4m my father & thus, watching a theatre 4 me, is alwys more satisfactory than watching a cinema.I knw Manas from my vry childhood.from d plygrund 2 d first cycle ride,from d 1st dy of schol 2 d tuition classes..as per i knw my bst frnd,he is nothng widout theatre..it’s in his vain n hrt..its giv me an immense opportunities 2 indulge myslf into sum of d bst wrks pr4med by them like “phera”,”nakshi kanthar math” & mny mr.i wish him & keshab al d bst 4 their bright future & also thnx amitava sir 4 creatng such a marvelous platfrm 4 these jwels..


Yes,indeed he was the best. I find him the most versatile among his contemporaries.

As for dances, he had used his acting skills, one can see the song manchali kahan chali and many others where acted so superbly that keep on watching the videos and never get bored.


Im using this as a reference for an honors humanities project, shout out to any mchs kids who are also here


Priya Ji,

Thanks a lot for your appreciation! Means a lot to me! Greatly humbled…



Dear Sounak,

This article is P.hd material, not even P.G level . So vast and extensively researched along with the relevant videos.
Hope this finds its way into a rich and glossy coffee table book.

God bless u in all such endeavours of yours.


Its really engrossing… Your story is really very thoughtful…. It’s. One of a kind.


Thank you Anup ji,

Suchitra Sen left behind an indelible mark that cannot be surpassed. Very glad you liked the writeup and grateful for your comment.

Some other stories on Suchitra-Uttam you may find interesting:

Asit Sen’s Bengali Films: A New Paradigm in Pathbreaking Narratives

Deep Jele Jai: Representation Of The Physically And Mentally Challenged

Two Legends and Their Lives: Uttam Kumar Suchitra Sen

Uttam Kumar – Suchitra Sen: Enduring Magic of the Iconic Romantic Pair

Forever Suchitra Sen

Will await your comments on these articles 🙂

Thank you again!


Thanks for a comprehensive piece on the evergreen screen pair of Indian Cinema.It seems you have gone deep into that passionate phase of Bengali Cinema.Look forward for more on Uttam-Suchitra from you elsewhere.


Wonderful and inspiring interview for a great cause! My best wishes for the success of this unique event for Women, to Sufia Khatoon, Incredible Women Of India, Rhiti Bose, you Lopa Banerjee, Anindita Bose and all others who are part of this project! Cheers! 🙂


I can never thank Dr. Koshy enough for agreeing to deliver a series of lectures on literary criticism that am sure will be of immense benefit to students and teachers of Literary Theory and Criticism.


Jyoti, pen your thoughts down…don’t let the storm spend itself.
Swirling thoughts that come in waves and whirlpools make us revisit, rethink, re-cherish (if there is any such word in the dictionary) all that we hold dear in our hearts.
Nida Fazli jaise log mil jaaye to bhi sona hai
Kho jaaye to bhi sona hai.

And same goes for Jagjit Singh…. I wish he could make his wife Chitra Singh’s lines come true:
Meherbaan hoke bulalo mujhe chaho jis waqt,
Main gaya waqt nahin hoon ke phir aa bhi na sakoon

Awaiting your held down whirlpool of thoughts….


Nida Fazli Passed away today. All I could think was… munh ki baat sune har koi, dil ke dard ko jaane kaun. Aawaazon hi bazaaron mein, khaamishi pehchaane kaun.

Aaj tu badi yaad aa rahii ho Antara. After long, I have this feeling to talk. Talk about urdu poetry, about Nida Fazli and Gulzar. About Mir Taqi Mir and Faraz. About my mixed feeling and confused thoughts. About voiced silences and unsaid words. Maano dil mein koi sailaab uth rahaa hai… aur aaknon se chalak rahaa hai. Dikhaa nahin sakti, bas bataa sakti hoon.

I had not even thought of Nida Fazli for a month now. Not about ghazals wither. And now I feel so overwhelmed. I need to do a piece on him. Before this storm passes and the calm after it lulls me into inaction.


the Ganga originates from Gangotry,
Moving slowly like a new born baby.
Loving to one and all with whole hearty,
Go on prime rose, do not having enmity.
Flowing in Northern part of the country,
Playing in the lap of the Great Himalaya.
Enter into the lands of the great valley,
Famous as the mother of goddess Ganga.
Due to the penance of great Bhagirathi,
It came on land for the salvation of Sagara.
The famous rivers are Ram Ganga ,Madakini,
And Alknanda Join on way of the Ganga.
It becomes source of lives in the summer days,
Birds, animals and human see the light of the day.
When all sources of water give up the hope,
Fulfill need of people, cut the Gordian knot.
As it enters into the plain, it becomes prey,
Industrialists throw waste into The Ganga.
And start to play into the hand of cruelty,
Mix waste and drainages of all the cities.
The flow of the Ganga begins to shrink,
The government set up a plan to clean.
Asked the people to cooperate the authority,
Make up healthy and clean environment.


I agree with you Ashok M Vaishnav.

Gajendra has presented a collector’s collection! This article has become a reference point for many. An eclectic collection of Rafi’s versatility.


During 70s I had collected a fairly large collection of Mohammad Rafi’s LP records.
But the collection documented here is simply mind-blowing.
Kudos for such a wonderful work.


I have already made an explanatory note in reply to comment made by Dee Thakore. Since it appears to have been lost in transit, I am repeating my views again. Yes D. Thakore you are indeed right that Pt Bhimsen Joshi was 8 yrs senior to Geeta Dutt. But I mentioned about the incident which happened in early fifties probably 1953/54,by which time Geeta Dutt’s name was well established.

On the other hand though Pt Joshi’s earliest public show was in 1946 at Pune, his name and fame was not so much pronounced at least in Kolkata. Pt Joshi really established his credentials much later more towards the end of that decade when I also like many others at Kolkata became an ardent fan of him. However the small episode I mentioned in my write-up is absolutely true and I distinctly remember it even till this day.


Those days of value, in all aspects, for students and teachers were very much there. I can recall a number of incidences when teachers have gone out of their way to help us. Don’t really know if it happens in this day and time, but I believe good people are always there at all times.

This a real moving piece, well written and impactful. It brought back tons of memories too.


Just to add, Bhimsen Joshi was born in 1922 and Geetaji in 1930, and they thought of him as young artist? lol… I think it’s kind of amusing, that’s all 🙂 Praising Bhimsenji it shows that she had a big heart for other artists. She never showed such classlessness towards other artists.
She had a style, all her own, respectful and pure.
Lastly, even if she was alive today, and she had never sang another tune in her life she still accomplished more than most in the music business.


A very well written wonderful tribute. Writer’s feelings for the great man are palpably visible.
Please correct this : On his birth anniversary, we pay our humble tribute to our beloved singer


Thank you Jasmeen Kaur ji,

Indeed Dada Burman’s songs were young at heart and fresh…. they perfectly matched the situation they were fitted in. They have stood the test of time more efficiently and effectively than those made by his contemporaries.

No wonder they are just as popular today as they were years ago.


Well SD Burman created songs to reach masses heart not just songs to sing.

These songs will be seen on YouTube and TV screen even 100 years later as they are young at heart and made with utmost care to suit all characters. He gave spl care to all his favourite singers. Only he has most singers singing his melody.


Peeyushji, Sangeeta ji,

Thank you so much, for the comments, appreciation and the blessings. 🙂 🙂

Jagjit Singh did not just move me with his singing. His choice of songs, the lyrics, created an eternal love for poetry as well as shaped me into a person I am today. This is a love kindled in the heart of a 14 year old, one which I’ll carry to my pyre. 🙂


Very well written!
Although we haven’t traveled to “Philip Island” but you have written so nicely the travelogue that a realistic picture has been created in our mind.


What a fantastic analysis of the book review, Raj! I am deeply humbled and very grateful indeed for this.

About the long relationship with Jagjit Singh Chitra Singh and their music, Jyoti and I had done an impromptu story last year. We had a great time discussing and putting it together.
This would perhaps give you an idea about why I connected with the book and how.

The book has several other chapters on Jagjit Singh’s personal life, his passion for horses, the family’s experience with spirituality and other facets of his life. It is definitely a recommended reading especially so if you like Jagjit Singh’s music.

Thank you again for such a detailed feedback. It helps and means a lot.


The review of Baat Niklegi Toh Phir is wonderfully written at many levels. It brings out your passion for Jagjit Singh and his soulful music. It is evident that you have closely followed the great duo’s career and especially Jagjit’s contribution in bringing Ghazals more accessible and yes, more popular and well received.

The thing about writing biographies of great personalities and talents is that there is always a fine line to tread. At once, they must be given their respect and due highlights on their talent and at the same time their normal human qualities and tendencies must also be brought to the fore. Your review gives a good idea of what young JS must have experienced, his marriage to Chitra, children, bereavement, his overall personality. Interestingly, from your review, – Chitra’s first husband Deboo Dutta comes across as not only an enthusiast but a patron and supporter of up and coming musicians of that time.

The reproduction of the old photographs with author’s permission is a nice touch. So were the links to those fabulous numbers. Plus – the utterly charming Yeh tera ghar video with Farooque Sheikh and Deepti Naval was a visual treat. All in all – very nicely done.


Read it in one go. You have both done a lovely job.

One point though, the ghazal performances and recordings by husband-wife couples became a trend after Jagjit-Chitra.

The down slide in the quality of Hindi Film song helped a huge music listening public change and adopt listening to this new offering. Jagjit came in right where Begum Akhtar had left for a traditional ghazal lover and sort of bridged the gap between this audience and film music lovers who were used to some quality at least. Brought the two fraternities of music lovers together after a long time, last being Talat Mahmood.



With the short lucid narration … I thought the power of your communication has only increased …as the energy for those lost decibels are now diverted for mind & intellect. Robin Cook under threat !
On a serious note wish this phase passes quickly and it’s back to normalcy at the earliest …


The best things that happened from this nasty infliction were safe recovery and this wonderful piece of yours, Ramen.. An even better thing would be a complete recovery. And i will join your other friends in praying for that to happen.


What an excellent writeup on the Master, and what an insight.
I really enjoyed it, and have taken the liberty of linking to it on my own appreciation page.


Learning and Creativity

Some of the comments received on Facebook for this article:

Partho Mondal · Delhi University
Beautiful collection of Holi songs from Hindi movies! Loved the tidbits about the songs and movies!
Unlike · Reply · 1 · Mar 6, 2015 2:26pm

Debasish Bhattacharya · Works at Self-Employed
Wow. What a great compilation…..loved to HAVE this on Holi and enjoying my Holi sitting in Malawi. Antara, you made my day. Thanks a lot……..

Sundeep Pahwa · Delhi, India
Aaye Aaye Basanti Bela from Angulimal sung by Lata,Manna Dey Meena Kapoor Md Anil Biswas This info is courtesy Kusum Saxena a very knowledgeble member of WDYK.

Kailash Mundra · Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune
Add one more , Holi re Holi, rango ki Holi film Paraya Dhan.
Also add Rang de gulal mohe – Film Kamchor & “Dekho aayi holi rang layi holi -Mangal Pandey plus “Layi hain hazaron rang holi – Phool Aur Pathhar …


Dear Rounak,

Your narration is superb. You have retained the essence of story-telling while also not missing facts and figures and popular culture.

Reading this, I want to visit Pangong lake. It seems magnificent.

The photos are classy, especially at Nubra Valley and Hundar.

Coming from someone so young, your effort is praiseworthy.

All the very best to you and look forward to seeing more of this.


Learning and Creativity

Some of the comments received on Facebook for this article:

Suhita Roy · Assistant Editor at Hindustan Times, Special projects
Wonderful post Antaradi! Something beautiful and timeless about all the creations by this great maestro

Peeyush Sharma · Business Development Manager at A Slice of Fried Gold
What a beauty of a write up. Thanks Antara. You have said and compiled it really well. Loved every bit of the read. Welcome to the group and we look forward to more gems coming from you. God bless.

Antara Nanda Mondal · Editor/Creative Director at Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd
Thank you so very much Peeyush ji…. coming from you it is a very treasured feedback for me and indeed very motivating! I am delighted you liked the article… it was a learning experience for me!

MN Sardana · SBSO at M.E.S.,Ministry Of Defence, Govt.Of India
Antara Ji,at the outset,I may say that I consider myself fortunate having meet you for a while. Your write up I have gone through & shall be reading again & again, to extract new meanings every time,which I might not have understood ,in my first attempt. I wish,I should also had the same passion for the music,which you posses .I must admit that, after going through your article, I feel myself much more enlightened, than before. Yaad Aa Gayi Woh Nasheeli of Manzil & Dum Hai Baki To Gham Nahin from House No 44 are my favorite songs. Thanks & May God bless you. Always !

Govind Maindargikar · Kawathekar High School, P’pur
great Post…..Legend of Film Industry……under his guidance many got nurtuered….Jaidevji/Panchamda/Madan Mohanji……even arranger got recogniation like Arun paudwal….Vasudevji/Bablooda/manoharida……and you see later all these people grew so well today they are recognised all over…..in short they got talim from Legendary burmanda….Bhishmpitamaha……

Subrat Banerji · General Manager at BHEL
Excellent article.

Mahesh Chattopadhyaya · Professor at University of Allahabad
When S D Burman came to Bombay he was middle aged person and much senior in age as his contemporary music directors. Yet he composed many youthful songs which are still liked by person of this generation- and are refreshing. Another aspect of his creativity lies in the canvas which is largest. He could play with same notes yet can produces two different songs for same film (Guide) look at the instruments used in the songs those are few yet very effective and add to the fragrance of the song.


Learning and Creativity

Some of the comments received on Facebook for this article:

Antara Nanda Mondal · Editor/Creative Director at Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd

One of the most lyrical articles Learning And Creativity has received for our music and cinema section… Privileged to be able to publish it with pictures (many thanks to The magical voice of Geeta Dutt group for providing rare and stunning pics for this musical journey…. Thank you Sounak Gupta… We are eagerly awaiting your next articles.

Peeyush Sharma – Business Development Manager at A Slice of Fried Gold

A beautiful piece on the best heard voice in Indian cinema. Heard the songs and enjoyed them immensely. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart for this excellent write-up.

Debasish Bhattacharya · Works at Self-Employed

This piece is just moving……. loved the way the life of this versatile singer called Geeta Dutt has been porttrayed by Sounak Gupta. Got to know about many unknown aspects of this genius. It is a collector’s item for all Geeta fans…. Well done.

Lakshmi Priya

I am reading this after a long time since I came to know about this article . I get very emotional about my fave singer that I do take a break when I am overwhelmed. Now I read it with great interest not just because of the compelling prose by Sounak but also because I learn something new whenever he writes. The article is like a vast canvass on which he sketched an evocative picture of the life of this gifted singer starting from her roots. Many thanx Sounak for the info & the songs.

Subhasis Gupta · Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Well researched still melancholic; poetic still informative..makes this a rare piece of writing, as being the hallmark of Sounak. Thank you for getting us there with the eternal Geeta Dutt’s melody.


Wonderful article with so many long playing record lables and relevant information. Thanks for the tribute


Elizabeth Kuriakose

An awesome flashback – an emotion packed insight into the life of a legendary singer – showing once again the frailty and emotional insecurity that celebrities often face.


Some of the comments received on Facebook for this article:

Antara Nanda Mondal · Editor/Creative Director at Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd
Heartiest Congratulations Reena Prasad! Delighted you liked the presentation too. The poems are exceptional and have added so much value to Learning and Creativity. Hats off to the judges as well – Dr Koshy Sir, Lopa Banerjee and Elizabeth Kuriakose for a great and creatively fulfilling contest and choice of winners.

Reena Prasad · Ispat English Medium School
Thank you Antara Nanda Mondal. Learning and Creativity is a wonderful place to be featured in. Congrats on this great site!

Michele Baron · Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
thank you very much, Lopa Banerjee for this very nice page of poetry and pictures; wonderful poems, all authors, and especially Reena Prasad, and Daipayan Nair, and Fatima Afshan. Thank you for this form, Ampat Koshy, and for judging, Miss Lopa Banerjee, Elizabeth Kuriakose, and Ampat Koshy

Antara Nanda Mondal · Editor/Creative Director at Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd
Congratulations Michele Baron! Yours is a beautiful poem indeed!

Michele Baron · Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Antara Nanda Mondal thank you very much smile emoticon and thank you for helping me find this post, too smile emoticon cheers and kindest regards

Priya Batra · System Administrator at YoGadz
Congratulations to the winners

Pramila Khadun · SNDT Women’s University

Congratulations to the four winning poets, beautiful poems indeed.

Reena Prasad · Ispat English Medium School
Thank you Judges. Honoured and thrilled too! What a grand presentation of the winning poems, some real hard work has gone into it. Congrats to Daipayan Nair, Michele Baron Fatima Afshan and to everyone who participated.This is a triumph of this unique form and its creator Dr. Ampat Koshy. It was great fun learning it and writing in it. To the THREE ROSES-our judges Lopa Banerjee, Elizabeth Kuriakose and Dr Koshy- THANK YOU!


Such a mesmerizing and nostalgic walk down the memory lane…the emotions conveyed in the piece were so nostalgic, they brought tears to my eyes while reading…rest in peace dear Geeta Dutt jee, you will be loved and missed forever, and live within us with your evergreen melodies!


What a treasure trove of information, thanks a lot. This has set sraight many little information bits that were foggy. Nice people with success find it it extremely difficult to match the shrewd in professional competetive world. Geeta paid the price for being a very nice human being and yet the best female voice in the industry. To add to it, she married the person who rose to be a top grade movie maker.


I am so excited and at the same time left speechless. Thanks to my judges for their generous decision. Thanks once again 🙂


Excellent article. My childhood memories have flooded my mind. The time when we used to listen to all great songs on the HMV Gramaphone player. Keep coming with such great articles Gajendraji.


Hushed Whispers – A Roseate Sonnet

Rhiti Bose

There are hushed whispers everywhere in the air
A maiden of twenty, very fair
Is seen on every moonlit night
Staggering away with all her might

A rose in one hand and a dagger in another
She searches for her lost father
They say, her feet never touches the ground
She is followed by her faithful hound

Lost in the woods, estranged by her father they say
She was dragged away by dangers of the forest lurking on her way

Red blue violet white, she is seen in all colours, till the break of dawn
One hue vanishes after another taking the shade of fawn
She slowly fades to come back another day
Enigma remains of the maiden, they say!

© Rhiti Bose 2015


Wish you were here last night, in the moon’s glow.
Only the wind was howling so harshly
Outside my window, letting the sand billow blindly.
Wish you were here last night, in the moon’s glow.

Wish we could cradle each other, in our arms.
Your bosom my pillow, my chest your sun’s hillow,
Create an island, safe from the world’s low.
Wish we could cradle each other, in our arms.

To gather strength to stand firm in the quotidian
Till our stars shine as one in the heights of the meridian.

Roaming together or staying, still, in love
Over the years, even when we are apart
Speaking or not, in our lives to see move
Ever, the power of love that won’t depart.



The Fortunate

Blooming buds with innocent smiles
Waved pink apricot palms to invite
Faces beamed spurting curious fountains
Hope swam through clear streams on brown rims
To choose two not so young couples
With open arms received two delicate buds
Shravna of three attired in pink pinafore
In checked shirt, white shorts, krishna of four
Fortunate two amongst hundred and twelve
Hugged siblings foster with tears bids farewell
Reserved were their new homes, future secure
Orphans will not they be called any more
Seeds of love had been planted once more
Everlasting bonds with blessings showered

Sunila Kamal Khemchanani – Copyright reserved


At Depth
(A Roseate Sonnet)

Learned language at the lap of mother
Sweet,simple and easy to learn
May be appeared mother tongue as pacific ocean
And we become eager divers in it.
As interesting our deep relationship,
As enjoyable our deep knowledge.
As satisfactory our deep meditation
So bewitchment remains in the core of language like pearl in oyster.
Light knowledge results in danger, may be disaster
At times hand calf,at times hanging.
Raising voice of our souls to meet together
Overwork at deep level is a must
Salable materials not to be sold
Especially hopes,dreams,pens and mother tongue.

(C) Shyamal Kumar Majumder
9 Sept,2015.


And lest we forget The Rose has Thorns

So easily you played your game with me
As the days rolled into weeks,
and months to years
So easily you hunted on your prey
Like a beast in heat wanting your own way

You spun your yarn so longingly my love
Your besottedness seemed a treasure trove
Your mooning swooning methods all the time
Was nothing but your selfishness sublime

All you promised were a pack of lies
Your lovingness was defiance disguised

Revelations are seldom worthwhile
Objectives can be pretty heartless too
Stinking memories can often cause pain
Entanglements are therefore best restrained


Roseate Sonnet from Africa – second one!

Owl’ Of Minerva Illuminatti

Sonnet 2 (ROSE)

Woody perrennial of the genus rosa
She is of the rosaceae family
Ofen armed of sharp princkles
Pulchritude lies beneath all the harm

The ancient symbol of love and pulcher
Under the rose
Hidden are untold fairytales
It is a romance lauguage,feedeth those inlove

The smell of attar
And the deepest sip of wine

Reaved and despoilation of flourish
Over the great depth of summer
Silent went the gardens of plantae
Echoes filled the empty gardens before the autumn harvest

By – Kgadi Marius Mojela


Padmini Dutta Sharma

(C) In the Olive galore
By Padmini Dutta Sharma

There was no looking back
Everything got submerged in the fiasco
She managed to pass the thread
Through the needle though…

There were shadows & marks
Of deceit and treachery
On the walls & the meadows
Quiet akin to the unedited glossary…

He had perilously thrown every oath asunder
Coupling for him was a mere appetizer…

Reposing solitary amidst olive galore
Only the setting sun that slept no more
Salvaging every deceit that ruined her soul
Eternally she put them to rest!


An amazing and meticulous review Michele Baron and add worth to TSA and loved the campfire metaphor made the review an interesting read.


Roseate Sonnet
Symphony with life

Where is the sunshine
A life lost its shine
Behind the night shine
Suffocating is breathe; mine

Let me once meet a dream
To bring a shine to life
A love of moon beams
day of the life begins fine

It is day bringing life
It is moon bringing light

R resulting from the mating
O of the sun and moon bond
S symphony in universe
E enchanting is peace



TOUCH OF YOUTH (A Roseate Sonnet – The experimental form
by Dr. Ampat Koshy)
© DN 2015
07/09/15 21:42

Noon lit lanes with a touch grim
The dove with its larynx dipped in scream
The gammer old tries a new found trick
Pokes the freedom with her stick.

Does she not bask in the welcoming dusk?
Is that effort a mask?
Does she not play the piper’s pipe-
reminiscing meadows ripe?

Where are you?
Answers nil but curiosities anew

R- ise does she with a thought
O- ff goes the flapping
S- ees with a keen eye, the juvenile rose
E- ssence of which tattooed on her skin.



The Uncanny Silence

The world shakes with tremor upon tremor wild
A patient vulture waits to prey on a dying child.
A Syrian toddler washed on the Turkish shore.
There being no dearth of tales of senseless gore.

Alas, humanity is at the crossroads indeed
Replete with animosity, bloodlust and greed
Is compassion no longer our creed, I wonder
Ah, the world is slowly being torn asunder.

The uncanny silence shrieks, bellows and yells
As the universe echoes with warning bells.

Ravages perpetrated by savages gone berserk
Ominous dangers in every nook and cranny lurk.
Senseless destruction, murder and mendacity
Endlessly we lament the triumph of bellicosity.



COOKERY (A Roseate Sonnet – The experimental form
by Dr. Ampat Koshy)
© DN 2015
06/09/15 22:53

The sweat stained cooker in fumes
Nile dripping in tempted tunes
A clutch, a hold; the eager rolled
The whistle in a tale, ready to unfold.

Juvenile hours amidst marine showers
Marks of younghood imprinted without fail
A twist, a turn; the cookery ready to burn
The pirate penning his sail.

It was evening; it is moon
There will be a shift soon.

R- ainbows sketched though no rain
O- ffered is an eager shade
S- ay they that even roses do bleed
E- ffective remains the trade.


Wonderful article Lopa! My attempt at a Roseate Sonnet:

You fell gloriously from the skies,
And the god was indeed mesmerized,
He stood up to meet your might,
And coiled you in his locks tight.

From thence you flowed to nether regions,
And liberated the slumbering legions,
You ran and made many paths of your own,
And you married again, a king well known.

Your offspring you let drown in the water,
Only later we learn that you’re a liberator.

Reigning goddess with the raging waters,
Oh, many have sought refuge in your altars,
Sacred river, to me you embody female power,
Ever cleansing, everlasting, Himalayan flower!


Roseate sonnet 3

Leaves whispered to the woods
as the night grew on the earth
close to the lamppost
across the street.

The long deserted road
charred with stones
grinded itself
under the wheels

An owl sat in the corner on the rooftop
pensive on an old barricated house.

Remains a mystery as no visitor passes this way
On this day, this vehicle had dared to so
Stepping and opening the gates of that home, He walked inside
Even as the night grew afraid of the gory tale that was in store.


Roseate sonnet 2

The cafe was abuzz with chatters and music
filled aroma of coffee and intimate moments
A piece of red velvet cake savoured a table
and creamy cups of mocha enticed few.

A fragrant breeze came near the counter,
spelling out her treats one by one.
He watched her as her hair pangs fell on her shoulder
while managing to hold the tray of cupcakes together.

He gulped to breathe as she stared at him while her teeth digged into the cake
smearing her lips royally with cream.

Rest your heart for another few minutes
O babe, the cafe will close and I will meet you soon
Stare not that way dear, I promise
Evening this day we will make it more romantic under the moon.

-Elvira Lobo


A Roseate Sonnet
Love in the Time of War

Eyes to eyes, their gaze did arrest,
Bird-like glances found their nest;
New love in ceramic cups was brewing,
Pause now, what are you doing?

Now is not your time to love,
A passed decree’s come from above;
Conscripted you are, you will follow the drill,
You’re a heartless machine, trained to kill.

A battle was waged between the heart and head,
Who won, was left unsaid.

Rising to the tunes of a heart song
Only a lovers frequency can register
Silently they marched out of their bodies
Evenings were now lonely and sinister.



Roseate sonnet 1

– Mystery of my heart
I woke up to see the evening bright
The sun kissing the earth and moon standing behind
I made some tea and sipped a little,
Enjoying the aroma of blended ginger.
The ginger reminded of him one more time
His favourite,that gave him his rare smile.
Those romantic evenings spent in our garden
A bliss I looked forward to once he came from work.
Can I borrow it again, oh dear life,
The joy of his company vapoured like the tea.
Rekindle the fire inside, my love
Open the door of your heart for me
Savour me in your ginger feeds
Evergreen will I keep you in my heart streams.

-Elvira Lobo


Roseate Sonnet – 1

Roasted Almond Ice-cream

In the hustle bustle
Of the tedious routine
Focused on our lives
Togetherness has lost its sheen

Rushed morning kiss
And tea date with the newspaper
All that is left
Of the passionate love affair

Let fun be rife
Let us relish the life

Roasted almond Ice-cream
Our flavor
Served in a waffle cone
Eternally let us savor

Roseate Sonnet – 2

The Fall

Kings and queens reside
In old palaces full of wealth
Stealing from royalty and commoners alike
With strategy full of stealth

The kingdom is their playground
They play by their own rules
Humility and honesty mean nothing to them
They use people as their own tools

Murdering humanity and compounding grief
Rebellion is born to shake the old beliefs

Rickety foundations fall apart
Ornate pillars collapse
Spiders scurry for life
Enigmatic silence prevails

Roseate Sonnet – 3

Last Night

Early in the morning
Busy with day to day chores
Starting the tea
While you softly snore

I cut the vegetables
Listening to the radio anchor jest
While cleaning the top cupboard
I sense your rough hands on my bare waist

Your scorching touch is enough
To take me back to the night before

Remembering the sultry dark
Overwhelming passion
Sensual escapades and
Earth shattering peak


Lopa~ wonderful article.

Here are two bits from

~ ~ ~ ~

This city of zig zag lights
Of dreams, of life
Of wakeful nights
This city of beautiful strife

This city which makes you soar
Make a you want to fly
Gives you a heady high
Where the mantra is to give it more

This city of deep undercurrents
Of dark depths in shady torrents

Rise with this city
Opportunity knocks on its shores
Surrender to its flow
Effervescent this city ever glows

For Aryan and Eva

Princess Eva rules my heart
Her smile is bright, she talks a lot
Little Eva dances wild
A bundle of joy this precious child

Aryan too has princely ways
He’s strong and stately our little man
He adores his cars ,is an airplane fan
And no one does leggoes the way he can

Aryan Eva ~ It is but true
Thats its a sheer pleasure to be with you

Relish the moments that I am there
Openning to you my box of love
Splendid kids my bundles of joy
Everlastingly you will rule my heart

For my Godchildren

To have you both in my arms
And be showered in your innocence
To chatter with you
About toys and turtles
And revel in your art
And draw and dance with you
~ Evenings such as these are a treat~

Lots of love,
~ Ipsitaa.


Beautiful words in a nostalgic setting which will tug at any females heartstrings .. Great work keep it up ??


Peeyush da,

I look at the novel and the film differently. If we look at Jana Aranya as Ray’s stinging comment on the moral decay of society, it stands tall as a film not only in terms of its social context but also in terms of the craft of filmmaking. Compared to Sankar’s novel, the film is similar only in the social context. Ray keeps the focus sharply on Somnath whereas in the novel as far as I can remember Sukumar has an equally powerful role and his personal struggles, frustrations and his disillusionment with the society is greater than Somnath’s.

Sukumar’s sister Kauna too has a much bigger and better spaced out role in the novel than the smaller but impactful role in the film. Sankar had a much larger canvas to paint, Ray concised it to pin point precision.

In terms of the technique of filmmaking Jana Aranya is a masterpiece… the dash of humor in this very dark film is also something you remember after the film has ended.

I can watch the film and read the novel multiple times – every time I would find something new in both. 🙂

~ Antara


In finality, while Jana Aranya the novel is intriguing and revealing of its times, the film leaves a bad taste in your mouth. May be Ray wanted it to be very sharp, but that was not Shankar’s intent. One feels like repeating the novel, but I am hesitant to watch the film again.


Peeyush da,

Chowringhee is indeed the most engrossing novel. It is my all time favorite novel. I completely agree with you – the film fell miles short of the book. Uttam Kumar was perfect and so was Shubhendu, Utpal Dutt, Bhanu, Anjana Bhowmick and Deepti Roy.

Well said Sayan, truly, no one can do a Sayta Bose like Uttam. Also Shubhendu fits Sankar to a T – the typical, inhibited, shy, sensitive and yet educated otee bhadralok – Shubhendu has that written on his face and bearing. Deepti Roy with her impressive personality is the perfect Mrs Pakrashi, Bhanu the golden hearted laundry keeper and no one can do Marco Polo better than Utpal Dutt.

The people who pulled the film down completely were Surpriya Devi (Karabi Guha ) and Biswajit – this pair undid the entire good work in the film. Besides the film left out many crucial elements in the novel which should have been woven into the script. Pity it could have been a classic but is let down badly because it also does have some great music.

The one line of Chowringhee that I will never forget and I quote often which loosely translated means – when one is alone with oneself, one thinks of what I have gained and what I have lost. More so, one thinks of what I gained and then lost.
So true.


I don’t know if you remember, the film Chowringhee we had seen as kids – it was screened in the local Bengali club Vivekananda Vihar to raise funds for the club library and you and I and two other kids had gone around selling tickets for the show to all the Mashis and Kakus of our colony. The impact hadn’t been all that much.

But when I read the novel in college, it just blew me off. An immediate comparison had been with Arthur Hailey’s Hotel but I found Chowringhee more deeper and richer in terms of human relationships, plot and narrative. Hotel fares no where close.

Jana Aranya and Seemabaddha of Sankar and the films made by Satyajit Ray are not comparable. Ray has his own style and objective. He seems to have borrowed the theme content. The films are very different from the novel.


Thanks a lot dear Reena for your kindness, generosity and for your literary excellence which will make the anthology memorable 🙂


Thanks Lopa Banerjee and Dr A.V. Koshy for such a meticulously done interview. No easy task because the birth of this book is the amalgamation of a lot of hard work and inspiration from Dr. Ampat Koshy and all the Rejected Stuff members who stood behind us staunchly to transform a vision of writing excellence and impartial selection into reality and for you to accommodate so much of it into an interview must have been an Herculean task. Thankful to you both for the acknowledgement and encouraging words about me- It is a great honour!


A poignant story…letters meant so much to romance earlier. And now we have those impersonal emails, WhatsApp and what not.


After escaping from Agra shivaji maharaj reached to rajgadh not Raigarh. Rajgadh was 1st capital of great Maratha empire and raigarh was 2nd capital of great Maratha empire.


Excellent article with detailed information about Rafi jee!
Thanks for sharing the nice and golden collection of songs.
Old memories rejuvenated!

Our Sincere tribute to Rafi jee!


That kind connection between individuals , where love and light flow from the heart, is rare and beautiful. Well expressed!


A very refreshing and glowing, at the same time an earnest and sincere tribute. So well penned Gajendra ji !!!


Paramita Chakravorty

Munmun……loved reading about this incident. I could absolutely visualise the event….you are a brilliant writer, just as you always were….tor chotobelar lekhagulo ekhono mone ache…..heartfelt appreciation and good wishes..


Heart touching lines………..!
Nicely presented the true strength of womanhood…………………….

Thanks for sharing such a lovely and inspiring thoughts for a woman. . .


pramila khadun

Amazing analysis, insightful with a unique literary grandeur.Great work dear Dr Koshy.Heartfelt thanks for mentioning me.


A brilliant and informative writeup, sir. The analysis you carry out of each work you quote, of each thought involved is intellectually mesmerising. That you champion the cause of the ‘rebels’ of literature makes it all the more interesting 🙂