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Durga puja calcutta

Castle Theme Inspired Pandal
Castle Pandal
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Castle Theme Inspired Pandal
This Pandal seems to be inspired from a castle theme.
Durga puja calcutta
Castle Theme Inspired Pandal
Works of art
Rainbow of Colors
Goddess Durga
Puja Pandal
Puja Pandal - A Work of Art
Splendid Protimas of Goddess Durga
Pinkish Glow
Aglow in White
Beautiful Protimas
The Victory of Good Over Evil
Durga Puja Pandals
Different Pandals, Different Themes
Grandness Personified
Works of Art
Decked up in Vibrant Colors
Good Over Evil
The Golden Touch
Good Wins Over Evil
Exquisite Decorations
Stunning Protimas
The Vibrant Colors
A Durga Puja Pandal
Temple Inspired Pandal
End of  Mahishasura

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