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Ajanta Caves - View from left side
Rock cut Buddhist caves dating to 2nd Century BC
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Ajanta Caves - View from left side
The Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, India are about 300 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments which date from the 2nd century BC to about 480 or 650 AD.
Lipi Bhattacharya
A travel enthusiast and voracious reader. Lipi Bhattacharya spends her free time travelling to historical places and those lesser known terrains Visit my Blog
Ajanta Caves - View from left side
Ajanta Caves - Panoramic view
Ajanta Caves - View from right side
Steps leading up to Ajanta Caves
Waghur River at Ajanta Caves
Ajanta Caves - Stupa in Cave 10
Floral Decoration at Ajanta Caves
Ajanta Caves - Buddha preaching to disciples
Ceiling of cave 16 - Ajanta Caves
Entrance to cave 19 - Ajanta Caves
Standing Buddha in cave 19 - Ajanta Caves
Buddha sculptures - Ajanta Caves
Wall carving - Ajanta Caves
Painting of Padmapani - Ajanta Caves
Painting on ceiling - Ajanta Caves
Painting on wall - Ajanta Caves
Reclining Buddha - Ajanta Caves
Sitting Buddha - Ajanta Caves
Standing Buddha - Ajanta Caves
Wall Carvings - Ajanta Caves
Unfinished chaityagriha - the last cave

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