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Pan Grilled Chicken Breasts in Thick Gravy: A South African Inspiration

November 17, 2014 | By

Next time you are stuck with some chicken breast pieces and a loss of ideas, try this finger-licking recipe of Pan Grilled Chicken Breasts in Thick Gravy.


Pan grilled chicken breasts in thick gravy (c)

Chicken breast pieces have never been my favourite. I am fond of bony pieces… drumsticks, wings or neck.

But when two packets of chicken breasts kept shuttling between corners of my chiller box, I had to think of something if only make some space for other, more favored items.

Succumbing to the TINA (There Is No Alternative) factor I finally brought them out of the chiller box wondering what to do with them when some faint memories of a South African foodie show Saba’s Table, which I used to watch when I was in Malawi, Africa a month back, came to my help. With chef Saba’s basic outline of the recipe and my own imaginations, innovations and adventurous experiments (aapon moner madhuri mishaaye as they say in Bangla), I emerged jubilant from the kitchen with a delicious dish – Pan-grilled chicken breasts in thick roast chicken gravy.

Give it try! It’s yummy and rather quick for a chicken preparation!

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Pan grilled chicken breasts in thick gravy (a)

Place the chicken breasts on a marinate dish and sprinkle salt, pepper, herbs and olive oil and rub gently all over the surface.


1. Boneless chicken breasts – 4 chunks
2. Salt – To taste
3. Freshly ground black pepper – 8-10 grains
4. Fresh Herbs – Coriander leaves, sweet basil leaves, parsley – a handful (cut into small pieces)
5. Dry Herbs – All seasons and thyme
6. Lemon – 1
7. Olive oil – 2/3 tbsp
8. Roast chicken flavoured gravy powder – Imana, a South African Brand.


i. Cut each of the chicken breasts in two thin flat pieces moving a sharp thin knife horizontally.
ii. Beat all over the pieces with a heavy knife but with soft blows. Take care so that these do not split further.
iii. Pat these with the flat surface of the knife.


(a) Place the chicken breasts on a marinate dish and sprinkle salt, pepper, herbs and olive oil and rub gently all over the surface.
(b) Turn the sides and repeat the process.
(c) Keep aside for the spices to set in for at least 2-3 hours.

Pan grilled chicken breasts in thick gravy (b)

Grill ones side and turn.


I. Put a heavy based non-stick grill pan on high flame for a couple of minutes.
II. Reduce flame to medium and put the chicken breasts one by one on the pan.
III. Grill one side and turn.
IV. Use a lid occasionally to avoid dehydration and to keep adequate moisture inside the meat.
V. When both sides of the chicken breasts get golden brown colour remove these from the grill pan transferring on to a serving dish.

For the gravy:

(1) Pour the contents of the Roast Chicken flavour gravy powder in 250 ml water in a bowl and mix well.
(2) Add this mixture into the hot grill pan and stir continuously till it thickens to the right thick consistency.
(3) Pour the gravy on the grilled chicken breasts.
(4) Pan grilled chicken breasts in thick gravy is ready.
(5) Serve hot.

So next time you are stuck with some chicken breast pieces and a loss of ideas, this recipe will make you end up with a finger-licking dish and of course, the “waah-waahs” from those who get to taste it!

Happy cooking!

Pan grilled chicken breasts in thick gravy (e)

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