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Nothing is Impossible for Super Fun Naani

March 30, 2021 | By

Super fun Naani finds nothing impossible. Yash would love to have the unstoppable Naani around him. A book review by a sixth grader.

A Tsunami called Naani

Naani was super fun when she played a game of hockey with Anurag

The 62 going 26 vision of Naani sure did change not one but many lives. Just like one of the crabby old Venky who used to expose the cons of every single statement. As well as for Smriti who made it into her school hockey. And freed Anurag from his parents’ ideology of ‘No Movies, no Music, no Masti – only Maths. Naani even helped the differently abled kids and unleashed their talents for the world to know – when they won the Indian Icon Contest!

This book is a great read, with Naani at its core. My favourite character is Naani. She is Anurag’s grandmother with the heart of a six-year old, the mind of a Machiavellian and the chutzpah of a teenager. I feel she is the unstoppable!

To quote an example, Naani was super fun when she played a game of hockey with Anurag. Their game turned to be a complete one-sided with Naani knocking in twenty-one goals to Anurag’s two.

That’s too much – but that is why she is not just Naani but a Tsunami, I would say! The best part is the way she teams up kids and senior citizens and sets an example that nothing is impossible. I would love to know more about Naani and simply wish to have one around me!

The Divine Intervention of Naani in everyone’s life does a big change.

Ramendra Kumar childrens books

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Yash Singh studying in sixth grade at Thane. Science, Maths, English and languages being his favorites, he tries to excel in those subjects. He is following his passion for music, fine arts and science technology. He has earned appreciations for his drawing, writing, piano, speech, drama along with his academics. Yash likes writing stories, poems, comic illustrations, doodling and animation. He is currently working on his own animation stories.
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