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One Day At The Nehru Planetarium

October 18, 2013 | By

On the last day of the summer vacations, we went to Nehru Planetarium. The Planetarium had a large, round dome shaped roof.

Creative Writing by Kids

June 29, 2013: On the last day of the summer vacations, we went to Nehru Planetarium. Anshula and I were so excited. There were many games in the beautiful computers in the lobby of the Planetarium. The Planetarium had a large, round dome shaped roof.

Anshula and I tried to answer the quiz. We were very surprised to see the Planetarium. We went to the Planetarium by car. The Planetarium was very beautiful. There were many large pictures of Chacha Nehru.

Nehru Planetarium New Delhi

In the centre of the theatre is a well, housing the Carl Zeiss Spaceflight Master projector placed on a hydraulic lift which enables it to come up during the shows.

Inside the Planetarium there was a large, dark auditorium. In the auditorium, we got the glasses free. We wore the glasses and looked up at the beautiful roof.

We sat down in the seats. The seats were very comfortable. We looked up towards the roof. The roof looked like Space.

We were very afraid when the auditorium became dark. Suddenly we saw the planets and stars like Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Earth, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Space was very exciting. We saw how the Universe was created with the Big Bang.

In the Universe, the stars were shining very brightly.

We learnt that Pluto is made of ice. We did not know that there were rocks made of ice floating in Saturn’s rings. We also saw how the Earth is made of gases.

There were many Black Holes, Galaxies, space showers, meteorites, etc. We were thinking that we are in real space. We saw the Milky Way and our Solar System.

And the planets were also looking real. We were thinking that Meteorites are coming to us.

We saw some beautiful Shooting Stars. They were falling down at great speed. We were thinking that we are flying in the space.

I wish we could see some aliens also. I was thinking of making a drawing of the Universe.

We enjoyed the show very much. After the sh

ow was over, we had ice-creams. It was a memorable day.

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Uday Vatsa is an intelligent, creative boy. Getting A+ in all subjects is usual for him and he dreams of becoming a scientist or astronomer when he grows up.
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