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NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Maths – Ultimate Solution

June 8, 2020 | By

The stress of scoring well in the Mathematics, integrated along with a long list of formulae, an immense syllabus based on a logical framework, makes it one of the difficult subjects in the minds of students. Follow some of the essential examintation tips and check out NCERT Solutions to excel in Class 12 Maths.


Vedantu Maths NCERT Solutions Class 12

The intermediate class has a different level of mathematics. To achieve desired marks, you will have to invest extra hard work and time on it. You can select a book/solutions preferably, Vedantu Maths NCERT Solutions Class 12 for achieving good results. However, many students don’t get the score they want. This is because they prepare for the syllabus by heart, but ignore some of the essential points.

Time Management

Almost 20% of the total students didn’t get good results in mathematics, because of their poor time management. It is true that the paper of Maths is quite lengthy as compared to the other subjects. You can’t change anything regarding this, there is no solution to reduce the size of a question paper. The only thing you can work on is to work on your speed of solving problems. Focusing on this field rather than complaining will help you to gain a brilliant score.

Moreover, completing the paper on time will prevent you from unnecessary guilt of not completing the paper. Solve maximum sample papers and previous years’ papers. Consider solving one question paper daily from the day the datesheet is announced. After doing all the hard work, don’t forget to take the watch with you. It will be the most stupid thing, you will do on your examination day.

Don’t Underestimate Easy Questions

Students generally have a tendency to procrastinate and avoid solving easy problems. Easy questions can seem to be unworthy in front of difficult integers questions. However, underestimating these questions can have a great impact on the examination.

By analyzing the structure of the previous year question paper, you will find the maximum frequency is of easy questions which take three to five minutes at max. Look at this in a different way. By practicing these questions you are increasing your chance of submitting an accurate and error-free answer copy. Some of the chapters of class 12th that contain, easy but repeating questions are Matrix, Limits, Linear Programming, and Probability. The questions of the chapter matrix, such as Adjoint, Inverse, Transpose, Determinants, etc are lengthy and time taking. On the other hand, they don’t require much logical and critical thinking. There are higher chances that you will not be able to solve these questions.

Make a clean presentation

The CBSE board pays a higher value to cleanliness over accuracy. I’m not saying, don’t pay any attention to solving questions, of course that is your first priority. But, at the same time, you have to make sure to maintain decent writing and overall presentation of the copy. It is intermediate, you already have a genuine idea of the board examinations from high school. It is normal, why good handwriting holds a significant value in the result. The main reason is that the teachers who check your exam copy do not have enough time to understand what a student has written or what he is trying to say as there are thousands of copies that are waiting to be checked. In this case, you only get a few minutes to write your answers. If you do not write well, try to implement the following points that can improve the presentation of the exam copy, to an extent:

  • Distinguish the question, by drawing a line in between.
  • Don’t overwrite anywhere.
  • Draw neat and clean graphs.

If you are still blaming the teachers for this, imagine yourself in the place of the examiner, and your amount of workload. What will you choose?


These were some of the main reasons why a student doesn’t get desirable marks. Time management will help you in the long run. A good presentation is also a necessary step. This is one of the motives behind taking exams. Examinations are not just to see how much you know. They also help you learn to manage your work in a short period of time.

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