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Nature: The Infinite Giver

July 2, 2014 | By

A beautiful poem on Nature’s infinite generosity by an 10-year-old creative writer looks at how Nature keeps giving and yet man keeps destroying it.

The squirrel loves to eat nutty things, When the tall tree spreads its wings.

The squirrel loves to eat nutty things,
When the tall tree spreads its wings.

Many things we get from nature,
Green trees and grass and white glacier,
We adore these things, as you very well know.

Children love the winds that blow,
On their red cheeks,
And on the bird`s beaks.

The squirrel loves to eat nutty things,
When the tall tree spreads its wings.
Teenagers love to eat the fruits,
Don’t we all love bamboo shoots?

But people don’t care about nature now,
Sadly not a person will vow,
Not to harm nature any more.

But then, then you’ll all worry later,
And regret why we did this pollution,
And did not find a solution.

Creative Writing

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