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A Hitchcock movie is such a treat, no matter how many times I am watching, I don’t bat an eyelid. Each time I discover something of a genius in his cinema.

James Stewart and Grace Kelly in Rear Window (1954) (Pic courtesy: Wikipedia)
A Hitchcock Movie is Such a Treat
A Hitchcock movie is such a treat, no matter how many times I am watching, I don’t bat an eyelid. Each time I discover something of a genius in his cinema.
Born Into Brothels
(Pic courtesy
Born into Brothels: Looking Back at a Gem in Documentary Filmmaking
The portrayal of artistry and talent of the children in the film, as reflected in their works of photography, critics have said, have not only served as examples of remarkable observation and talent; but have also reflected something much larger: the role of art in all humanity as an immensely liberating and empowering force.
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Celebrating Freedom of Expression Through The Genius Of Raja Ravi Varma
Because Raja Ravi Varma oleographed his original paintings, he was able to reach millions of Indian households, especially as he was copied by the other printing presses and the advertising fraternity which were using the Indian Gods and Goddesses as the brand ambassadors for encouraging Indian consumerism, at least until the 1960s'/early 1970s'. The film stars only came into their own as brand ambassadors much later.
Silhouette Magazine Partners With Learning and Creativity
Silhouette Magazine Partners With Learning and Creativity
Silhouette magazine has survived the tides of time and is appreciated by a niche audience interested in serious discussions on cinema for well over a decade now. After the...
Barton Fink (1991)
Starring: John Turturro, John Goodman
Directed by: Joel Coen
The Mind Twisters (8 Movies No One Can Watch Just Once)
The best aspect of this genre is the faith the film-makers place on the audience's intelligence and wit. No unnecessary dumbing down, a complex story more on psychological aspects and a frustratingly convoluted script.
A rare poster of Gone With The Wind (Pic: Smm Ausaja)
7 Powerful Female Characters in Films
Author-poet Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury handpicks and analyzes 7 powerful female characters in film who left a lasting impact on her pysche.
15 All-time Hollywood Romantic Movies
15 All-time Hollywood Romantic Movies
Love is in the air! If you are celebraing Valentine's Day as a quiet, romantic evening at home with your partner, watch one of those immensely watchable romances that will make you smile and value your love even more. We pick for you the 15 all-time Hollywood romantic classics
"It is not unbridled manipulation, naked ambition or overpowering obsession that can bring happiness."
Mohini: Bollywood, Beyond The Gloss And Glitter
"The greatest strength of the book is that the denouement goes beyond the pessimism, the grim reality and the sordid drama to offer more than a dash of hope."
those about to smile eyes,
the strand of hair misplaced
a sindurer tip, so cozy  (A famous still from Satyajit Ray's Apur Sansar, starring Soumitra Chatterjee and Sharmila Tagore)
Revisiting Opur Sansar
I have always hated the word ‘sansar’, Did Apu smile at last?...
Rank 9: Rs. 78.42 croe
Top 10 Bollywood Grossers Of 2013
The best thing about the year 2013 is that almost every big star made gold at box-office.
Jingle All The Way: Best Christmas Movie Ever
Jingle All The Way: Best Christmas Movie Ever
Christmas eve means frantic last minute preparations and shopping sprees. And when your child wants a little something, you leave no stone unturned to make it happen.
Saajan Fernandes enjoys the aroma before opening the lunchbox
Six Nominations for The Lunchbox at 56th Asia-Pacific Film Festival
The Lunchbox has garnered six nominations at the 56th Asia-Pacific Film Festival including the categories like Best Film and Best Director.
Pather Panchali, the debut film of legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray was based on a novel by Bibhuti Bhushan Bandyopadhyay
Literature and Cinema
It is certainly debatable whether a great literary work, adapted to screen by a director, should be true to the writers' vision.
The International Children`s Film Festival is also popularly known as The Golden Elephant.
Spotlight On Little Directors at 18th International Children’s Film Festival
For the first time “Little Director” section will showcase films made by children from India and the world in 18th International Children's Film Festival
The Apple by Samira Makhmalbaf
God and Satan in “The Apple”: A Film By Samira Makhmalbaf
Samira Makhmalbaf, daughter of Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf not only made a stunning debut with her film “The Apple” but also established her own voice as a filmmaker at the age of 18.
The Journey from Books to Celluloid
The Journey from Books to Celluloid
It is true that making a film from a book is a tedious enterprise as it’s difficult to capture the essence of a novel in about two hours. But then it is not an impossible task as films like The Godfather and Pather Panchali have shown.
Uttam Kumar had been once asked in an interview, 'What if Suchitra Sen had been your wife in reality as in Harano Sur?'
Two Legends and Their Lives: Uttam Kumar Suchitra Sen
Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen ushered in a new age of star-power and charisma. The why’s and how’s of their togetherness mystified an entire generation.
Critics consider Citizen Kane a major landmark in the art of filmmaking
Citizen Kane: ‘Classical’, but not Hollywood
After taking a close look at Citizen Kane's early scenes, a salient feature of the film's narrative strategy becomes evident: the permanent play with Hollywood conventions.

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