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Poems by Sara

May 14, 2017 | By

My mother was a writer. She and I published, at her own cost, at my cousin’s press, a hand-crafted book with a beautiful red cover titled very simply “Sara / Poems” that I personally oversaw the making of, for her pleasure. A very slim volume, its poems match Emily Dickinson’s. Her book had no ISBN or anything of the sort. She was earlier the author of two very successful Bible quiz books.

I was fortunate to have collaborated on one poem with her and to help her edit her poems a bit.
One day all her works will come out in one volume – the two books left, one of her poems and stories, some for children, and one on art criticism in Malayalam, and she will get her place in literature primarily for her poems.

My best tribute I can pay her and all mothers everywhere today is to post the poems in that already published book.

If Indian English critics actually searching for great Indian women poets who mattered but were unknown are impartial she will get a place among the very best along with writers like Kamala Das for writing such controlled yet powerful short poems. Only half her output is given here.

Sara Abraham (born 16 -02- 1930 and died 11-02-1994) was also Mrs Omanakutty Varghese after her marriage.

Poems by Sara Abraham / Omanakutty Varghese

The tumultuous thunder
The luminous lighting
The clouded stay
My heavy heart.

Distance- that’s all
That exists between
You and me
Distance- that’s all
That I saw in everything
I came across
Distance- I adore thee.

They say it twinkles
Between six and six thirty
There, at the door-step
Every day, I see that dull face
Greeting me
It adds to my sorrows
I loathe it
Yet, one day, when I
Stood there, it looked
Brighter, than usual.

The brightness, fast
Coming to a close
The sun hurries
To sink yonder
And soon dusk
Hours pass by –
Yet another morn
Shaking all darkness
Sweat merges with heat
The brightness, fast
The sun hurries
To sink yonder
And soon dusk

Radha came by the right
He beheld her by the right
Bhama came by the left
He beheld her by the left
“Do you love me”
Queried Radha
‘I love you both”
He quoth
“Have I been slighted”
Radha asked aloud
“Nay, never”
Consoled Bhama.

Neither gray hair
Nor old age
Brings death nearer
It’s the sting in the heart
The deeper, the earlier.

Into the night
I peered
The vast sky
A roof
The tree- tops
The breeze
At bay
The houses
In my mind.

Come nearer
Don’t stand apart
Why? Why this distance?
Come closer
I invite you.”

It stinks
Nostrils close
It’s no more
It hunted prey
It became prey
Now it stinks
No more.

Mirth and Joy crumpled
Devouring pain surmounted
Stillness crept –

The road I tread
Is long, longer than I thought
The work I do
Is hard, harder than I deemed
The breath I heave
Is rare, rarer than pearls
The image I carry
Is heavy, heavier than gold
This end I reach
Is, with difficulty,
After a time.

A dug earth
A handful of seeds
Burial …
Roots downward
Shoot upward
A painful slit

‘Is it my colour
That attracts you? ‘
‘No, the breeze
My wings flutter’
“But, why towards me?”

The tumultuous thunder
The luminous lighting
The clouded stay
My heavy heart.

The pouring rain
The roaring wind
The muddled road
My troubled tread.

The hush-hush silence
The fire-dark night
The hoots of the owl
My restful mind.

The trickle

The sweat, the heat
The rain, the axe
The two hands
The tree fell down.

My stomach
Touches my backbone
My lullaby

Toil and sweat
Came to rest,
Tools laid down
To retire,
The day ended –
To illuminate
The other half.

Wake up
Ears run
Fear in each.

My aim
My gain
My labour
My prize?

Differed patterns
Changed traditions.

Shrill calls
Pierce through
Break the slumber
Of the silent morn.

From behind
Round the neck
Not a noose

Shivers from inside
I need wrapper
‘Those who have two
Give one to the other.”

The merging
Of the earth
And the sea
The waves
Drift away
To nestle again.

A thousand colours
A spread
In the horizon

Alphabets arranged,
Words formed,
Words formed,
Sensible sentences
In vogue.

From where I stood
I watched the moon
No block,
Save coconut heads
Soon, the pale-face
Rose higher
To reach my sight
Later, the cloud,
Formed a veil.

We know,
We think we know;
We know not.
I always thought
I saw the rabbit
In the moon
The Chinese damsel.
The astronauts,

Lighting thunder rain
Getting drenched
I ran
I found
This apartment.

Crimson luminous
In the west
Sinking –
Yellow flamboyant
In the east

A child
A house full.

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The opinions shared by the writer is his personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of Learning and Creativity Magazine. The writers are solely responsible for any claims arising out of the contents of this writeup.

Dr Mary Annie A. V., (M,Sc., Ph.D) writes under the pen name Anna Maria. She has been recipient of the Shanker’s International prize in writing at the age of five for her poem titled My Brother, which was subsequently published in the Illustrated Weekly of India. She has been an announcer for the All India Radio English Yuvavani programmes for nearly ten years during her college career and has done several features for the English sections of Yuvavani, AIR, Trivandrum. Though her subject is Zoology, her life is writing and literature and to her the simplest definition of Poem is : Virgin white paper Raped Rapt. She has been hugely acclaimed online and her poems have been published in Mirror, several anthologies in USA, U.K. and in e-zine magazines, India and abroad. She has been featured in Jes Führmann’s “The Diary of Pink Pearl, A Bird’s Eye View” released by Bookstand Publishing 2013. (First trilogy in America about a Moluccan cockatoo.), She has also been featured in The Camel Saloon, Destiny Poet’s, The Little Child Magazine, Muse India, Indian Ruminations, The Plum Tree Books, No Nothing Nowhere, The Origami Publications, The Indian Ruminations, The Taj Mahal Review, The Gulmohar Magazine, Musings: A Mosaic Thanal Online, and many more. Her poems have been translated into Malayalam, Brazil, Arabic, Greek, Russian and French. At present she works in the University of Kerala and resides in Trivandrum with her husband and three children. She also comperes for the Gyanvani FM, Trivandrum. She has two published collections of poems : My Beads Unstrung. by Poetree Garden, Trivandrum (2006) and More Beads Unstrung, by Roots and Wings,(2011).
All Posts of Dr Mary Annie A. V.

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