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October 8, 2013 | By

Ma, I miss you.
You promised me that I would up in the clouds


Ma, I miss you.
You promised me that I would up in the clouds

Oh, to be able
To bottle up the sweet, sweet
Smell of her smooth skin!

Oh, to be able
To carry her fragrance around
And not wander restless,
Relentlessly in search of it
Like the deer,
Maddened by its own
Sickly, sweet scent!

Oh, to be able
To feel the softness of her embrace,
To hide in the comfort of her arms
When it’s dark at night;
To lose myself in her whispering kisses
When the thunder threatens to tear the world apart.

Ma, I miss you.
You promised me that I would up in the clouds
And you’ll be somewhere down there, looking up at me,
Basking in the glory of the
Shining star that is your daughter.
But it does get lonely up here sometimes, mum.
There’s the vastness of the sky
Standing like cliffs that I dare not scale
(Or do I?);
There’s the unending canopy of thundering clouds
Dark, brooding, forever brooding.
And there is the ever elusive horizon
That is difficult to reach
And equally difficult to ignore.

Tomorrow, I’ll be with you, Ma –
That’s the lullaby with which I rock myself to
Tomorrow is what I long for when the day is done,
When the battle is lost or won
When the fight has been fought
Or it has just begun.

No matter how many mountains I climb,
No matter how many oceans I sail across,
No matter how many stumbling blocks I meet,
No matter how many hurdles I overthrow
It is the security of your softness that I long for,
Your arms, your whispered nothings, your fragrance.

You are the earth that I need to return to
After my weary spaceship has traversed the universe..

The writer is presently a Research Scholar in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her interests range from the occult and supernatural to theatre and gender studies. This poem was composed on her last flight back to Delhi from the City of Joy to which she still truly belongs.
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