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Mohini: The Implosion Of The Brightest Star

January 16, 2014 | By

By the time dream transforms into obsession, she is ready to pay any price, make any compromise, try any trick and tame any limit so that she can become the shiniest star in the show world.

Book Review

Author: Ramendra Kumar
Publisher: Bluejay Books Pvt. Ltd.
Pages: 216
Prices: Rs. 50 (Amazon), Rs. 55 (Flipkart) Rs. 79 (Infibeam)

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Every success has a price, especially when you choose shortcuts.

Mohini, the debut novel by popular children’s fiction writer Ramendra Kumar (Ramen), looks at the entire roller coaster of a star’s life – from the gritty struggle to phenomenal rise and finally the cathartic collapse.

Stepping away from children’s fiction, Ramen weaves a story for the adult reader – a story of a rags-to-riches-to-ruins journey of an underprivileged girl who had started to nurture the dream of making it big in Bollywood at a tender age.

By the time dream transforms into obsession, she is ready to pay any price, make any compromise, try any trick and tame any limit so that she can become the shiniest star in the show world.

In the fit of accomplishing her ambitions, she goes through several love and hate relationships; wins and breaks many hearts, tramples emotions, gets exploited by the sharks in the industry and eventually finds some of her endeavors fruitful and others futile.

Mohini is the daughter of a dancer and junior artiste whose morals and values made her quit Bollywood journey. Unlike her mother, Mohini is more ambitious and values her obsession for reaching the starry heights over her family’s welfare.

With the support of her manager, Vicky, a talented director Sam Xavier, well wisher, Imran Bhai, and the courage to go any extent; she becomes the darling of Bollywood.

But every success has a price, especially when you choose shortcuts. Two men in her life love her with all they have. Mohini’s aspirations, ambitions and obsessions do not let her give any value to the love she receives. In a mad pursuit of reaching the absolute heights of stardom, Mohini hurtles to the depths of self obsession – leaving in her wake betrayal, rejection and hurt among those who love her. Agony and dejection drive the two men towards revenge.

The story progresses like a typical Bollywood masala movie offering all flavors and seasonings – music, dance, suspense, romance, love, glamour, fight, and revenge et al. The language weaves a constant imagery in your mind, with clear details. Reading this book is like watching a thrilling movie.

Don’t expect poetic narration and detailed descriptions that sometimes are understood only to classes not masses. Ramen belongs to the modern-day Indian breed of storytellers who prefer simple English or rather bolchaal ki bhasha that appeals to wider section of readers for its simplicity and easy-readability.

Let me tell you, the book doesn’t expose any sensational showbiz scandal or bring to light some star-related truth or mystery that will take you by surprise. However there are some sequences or characters that may sketch a faint image of some yesteryears’ personalities but as the story advances the faces start to fade and then vanish.

It is one of those novels which you would like to finish reading in one sitting or in a couple of metro journeys. It goes smooth, tells a tale that grabs interest and most importantly entertains you – as I said like a masala movie, pouring the contents of a 2-hour movie into a 200 odd pages book.

I recommend this to the readers who like fast, easy reads and are intrigued and fascinated with the goings-on in Bollywood.

About the Author


Ramendra Kumar

Ramendra Kumar

Ramendra Kumar (Ramen) is a writer by passion and is Chief of Communications, Rourkela Steel Plant, Odisha. An award-winning author with twenty-three books to his credit, he spins yarns mainly for the young and the young at heart. He also dabbles in satire, poetry, fiction and travelogues. His stories have found a place in text books and anthologies published across the world. Ramen, an inspirational speaker and storyteller, is a regular at leading seminars and literary festivals, both in India and abroad.

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