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May I Not See Dreams

April 29, 2015

This is a collection of two poems, originally written in Nepali by celebrated poet Suman Pokhrel and translated in English by another literary great, Dr. Abhi Subedi. Both the poems depict the unflinching passion and the beautiful sense of pathos lurking in the lines.

Poetry Month Special

poetry month

Dreams becoming debris
even when they are constructed

May I get so drunk that
I forgot even my own self
and did not see any dreams this night!

May I not see dream
each night
like the tousled waking moment
that goes demolishing me
more than itself.

May those
countless ferocity of newspapers,
the violent voices
exploding from television and radio,
sounds that uproot ears,
scenes that leave eyes unblinking
pushing them to the limits of sorrow,
feelings that flee
leaving broken hearts behind,
never come to my dreams
with their unruly crowd’s
loud naked processions!

May those dreams of
buildings reduced to rubbles,
river flowing into flames,
coloured scenes of hopes
turning into ashes
by mixing with fake funs and frolics,
not come to tease me
with such results!

Dreams becoming debris
even when they are constructed,
river of peacefulness
turning into flames while flowing,
colourful scenes of hopes
turning into ashes mixing
with non-existent pageantry,
dreams that bring such results
don’t come to tease me!

May those dreams
that muddy the entire time,
more insincere than
an essay on dishonesty,
ferocious like present day’s reality,
complex like seven lives entangled into one,
longer than nights of separation,
continue to flow
into some black-hole.

May this night come
wearing drunk cloak of love,
carrying passionate desires,
and intoxications of love!

Tonight, may I get so drunk in love that
I do not see any dreams!

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About Author
Rhiti Bose
Suman Pokhrel (Poet)

Suman Pokhrel, born on September 21, 1967, is a multilingual Nepali poet, lyricist and translator as well as an artist. He is one of the finest Nepali poets today known for innovative style and grace. He has acclaimed collections of poems in Nepali entitled ‘Soonya Mutuko Dhadkanbhitra’ (1999) (Within the Beats of Beat less Heart) and Jeevanko Chheubaata (From the Bank of Life) (2010) and collections of marvelous songs called Hazaar Aankha Yee Aankhama (Thousands of Eyes onto these Eyes) (2001) to his credit.

Suman Pokhrel is an important creative voice of South Asia. He is a poet with a strong tender voice. He partakes in the mundane aspect of life with a passion that makes his reader to elevate to a higher self. The impressionable images created by him allow his readers to introspect. His poems revolve around the nuances of life. The play around his choice of words creates magic in the minds of his readers. Pokhrel’s lyrics are marked for their musical qualities and literary verve

Pokhrel’s poems are published in various poetry journals and anthologies nationally and internationally. Pokhrel is the only poet to be awarded with prestigious SAARC Literary Award twice. He received this award in years 2013 and 2015.

Rhiti Bose
Abhi Subedi (Translator)

Born in Terathum of eastern Nepal, Prof. Dr. Abhi Subedi received his higher education in Nepal and Britain. He is an essayist, critic, linguist, playwright, translator and poet. He has over two- dozen books on different subjects to his credit. Among his over 10 plays, strong theatre groups in Nepal and abroad have performed several of them. Professor Subedi has taught for 40 years at the Central Department of English. He is vice-President of the Nepali Folklore Society of Nepal. He is the founding former President of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) UNESCO from 2000—2008 and member of International Playwright’s Forum from 2000-2011. Subedi became President (1990-1992) and two times General Secretary of the Linguistic Society of Nepal. He was also President of the Literary Association of Nepal. He is vice-President of the Nepal Folklore Society and member of International Association of Theatre Critics. He is involved in a number of interdisciplinary study groups and a prolific writer on issues of freedom, culture, literature, arts and social transformations. His essays and seminar papers are published in Nepal and outside.

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