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Love, Scynthia

March 19, 2018 | By

Author Ramendra Kumar had conducted a workshop on creative writing for students of Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC) Dhenkanal. Learning and Creativity presents the best story submitted by a group of participants at the workshop.

Group F –
Rituparna Ghosh
Rishabh Sharma
Debendra Kundu
Sonalika Samal
Anusaya Sahu
Sunita Pradhan


21st December, 2016.

It happened one night, when it was raining heavily on the Golf Avenue road number 67……

The time is 11 past 11 in the night. A car comes racing through the   road. The man is under the influence of alcohol. Suddenly, a woman appears in the middle of the road. The car hits the woman and her body flies to the side, all smeared in blood and mud. The man looks back in horror at the woman, whose body lies motionless on the road. He starts the engine of the car again and races out of the place.

21st December, 2018

Dear friend,

I hope you are doing well. Today was my first day at the office. This job is monotonous but I have to stick with it anyway. Though, I don’t see a reason to be there. Or maybe, I’ll find one soon.

I wish I could bring back that zeal towards work within me. I don’t feel like doing it anymore. My fingers tremble every time they hold a pen between them. I don’t know when that will get over.

the girl with blue eyes

The day was dull and so was the office. I took the pills in the afternoon and they made my head dizzy. If it wasn’t for my first day I would have left the place early.

The only saving grace was for me today was that girl – the girl with blue eyes. If I trust my memory and recall, I haven’t seen any pair of eyes more beautiful than hers. They were enchanting, adorning a face which complimented them. If I have to be go to the office tomorrow, it has to be for her.

I’ll write to you again tomorrow. Take care.

22nd December, 2018

Dear friend,

My day couldn’t have started better. I met her in the office lobby in morning and to my surprise, she greeted me. I was initially embarrassed as I thought that she must have noticed me looking at her yesterday. I don’t know her name. I did not dare to ask her. She switched her seat with the guy next to me and he went away, not before giving me a weird look.

We had a long chat in the afternoon break. I like her a lot. And let me tell you, there’s something very different, very mysterious about her. Though it’s a bit early, I feel a strange pull, an unexplainable attraction towards her. She just ticks all the right boxes, that’s all I can say for now.

I will come to see you soon. Stay at peace, okay.

28th December, 2018

Sorry for not writing to you since last week. I got caught up with some work at the office. The job doesn’t seem that uninteresting now. Maybe she’s the reason for that. She finally told me her name. It’s Scynthia.

She’s a nice girl I tell you. I will bring her to meet you someday. Things are moving really fast between us. I think she likes me as well. Her mannerisms change when she’s with me. She does not talk with anyone in the office except with me. And strangely, nobody talks to her. How can nobody talk to her? A girl as beautiful and mesmerising as her can drive any man crazy. I think all my male colleagues have either lost their mind or their sight.

I will bring you flowers next time. White lilies, your favourite.

7th January, 2019

Dear friend,

White lilies, your favourite

I can’t explain my feelings right now. I never felt at such a loss of words. I told her – I confessed. Remember that poem that I used to recite to you last summer, about the evening mist? I think the evening mist, has materialised into flesh and bones. She feels so lively, so real. I feel a deep connection with her, like I’ve met her before. There’s a blurry image I see in my dreams these days. I think it’s her. I think I’ve known her from some other lifetime.

And I’ve to tell you something else. I have stopped taking the pills. I don’t have any trouble sleeping anymore.

19th January, 2019

Dear friend,

I am lost. I’ve lost her. I don’t know where she is? I had called her to meet me in a cafe next to my office. I had bought white lilies for her; just like you she likes these flowers. But she did not come to meet. I called her number innumerable times but she didn’t even reply to that. I enquired about her from our office colleagues, but, I was bewildered to know that they never knew of a girl named Scynthia working in the office. Either they have gone crazy or I have. I don’t know where she is.   I’ve lost her.


A man comes to a graveyard, carrying a letter and a bouquet of white lilies in his hands. He places the flowers and the letter on a grave. He remembers the night when he had first met the woman, that rainy night at Golf Avenue, Road Number 67. The blue eyed woman.

He caresses the engravings on the grave, which read –

Love, Scynthia

(Pictures courtesy: Pixabay)

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Ramendra Kumar (Ramen) is an award-winning writer, performance storyteller and inspirational speaker with 49 books. His writings have been translated into 32 languages and included in 26 textbooks and many anthologies in various countries. Ramen has written across all genres ranging from picture books to adult fiction, satire, poetry, travelogues, biographies and on issues related to parenting and relationships. His writings have been published by the major publishing houses in India. His books brought out by National Book Trust (NBT), India have notched up sales of more than 4.9 lakh copies in just one year. Ramen has been invited to several international literary festivals as well as Indian events such as Jaipur Litfest and seminars organised by Sahitya Akademi and IGNOU. The author has won a total of 41 awards in the competition for writers of children’s literature organised by Children’s Book Trust (CBT) over the years, which is among the highest by any writer. Ramen was chosen as the ‘Author and Storyteller of the Year’ (2022), on ‘Talking Stories’, London, UK’s number one Radio Programme dedicated to the art of storytelling. He was nominated as a Jury Member for the Best Children’s Author Category of The Times of India’s ‘Women AutHer’ Awards, 2020. Ramen was also selected as a mentor for the Scholastic Writers Academy. An alumnus of the prestigious Hyderabad Public School (HPS), Ramen is an Engineer & an MBA. He and his inspiration, his wife Madhavi, were General Managers at SAIL, when they took Voluntary Retirement to pursue their respective passions. Their children are bonsai celebrities in their own right. While Ankita is a youth icon and a travel blogger with an Instagram following of 296 K, Aniket creates cool Apps and designs covers for his dad’s books. Ramen is now a Cancer warrior and an inspiration to many. His website is and he has a page devoted to him on Wikipedia.
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