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Two Love Poems for Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2017 | By and

Valentine’s Day Special: Two love poems by Uma Subedi translated from Nepali to English by renowned poet/author/translator Suman Pokhrel.

A City of Desires, Flowers and Colours

Original Nepali poem: Uma Subedi
Translated by Suman Pokhrel

Carrying an array of dreams on the forehead,
walking with an endless motion in its footsteps,
falling down and getting up every now and then,
distinct desires are running on their own way.

heart aglow

every color of rainbow, is
searching for its realized identity

Wearing a turban of snow around its head,
flying with the beauty of its own soul,
seeking the balmy warmth of winter Sun,
the flowers with fragrance are ascending higher.

Getting confused with its own integrity,
being blended together and parting again,
every color of rainbow, is
searching for its realized identity.

The desires should get to play,
the flowers should get to bloom,
the colors should get to be in sights.

Everyone should get to feel others,
everyone should get to bring oneself out.

it should be pulsating perpetually
for, it’s the heart.

A Common Love Story: Yours and Mine

Original Nepali poem: Uma Subedi
Translation: Suman Pokhrel

You invited me to settle
inside your heart.

the delightful brilliance emerged from the pane of your heart

the delightful brilliance emerged from
the pane of your heart

My heart wanted
to swim on the lake of your heart,
to keep drowning into the depth of love,
and to stay hiding inside your heart
for the whole of my life.

My heart kept searching for
the entrance to your heart,
it searched in the company of the days
and searched with the supports of nights.
It searched all over my dreams and imaginations.

One melodious moment,
an affectionate touch caressed
my shuddering heart.

Carrying a spirit like that of a waterfall
getting oneself rapped with the rays of hopes
my heart ran after that attraction,
and kept running across the bundles of desires
embracing the excitement of entering your heart.

On colliding with my eyes,
the delightful brilliance emerged from
the pane of your heart
merged with me.

Pics: Pixabay


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Uma Subedi is a young Nepali poet, lyricist, story writer, editor, singer, and much loved and celebrated fiction writer. She writes in Nepali and knows many other regional languages. Her first published book, a Ghazal collection titled TapkiyaraAnjulima, was published in 2010 which won the “Best Book Award” by the International Nepali Literature Society. Her second book, collection of poems titled Tirsanakachhalharu, came out in 2011 which also received approbations by poets and readers alike, in and around nation. Her first fiction Toda earned her nationwide fame and won prestigious ‘RamrajPantaSmriti Award’. Her second fiction Iti was  published in 2016 which popular Nepali literary landscape. Apart from doing creative and critical writing, Subedi is also on the board of few literary organizations. She is one of the Founding Directors of Aawahan (Think Differently), a non-conformist literary forum based in Kathmandu. With her two other Co-Directors, Subediruns monthly events on ghazal, poems, books, music, art, creative and critical thinking, and contemporary issues.
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Suman Pokhrel, born on September 21, 1967, is a multilingual Nepali poet, lyricist and translator as well as an artist. He is one of the finest Nepali poets today known for innovative style and grace. He has acclaimed collections of poems in Nepali entitled ‘Soonya Mutuko Dhadkanbhitra’ (1999) (Within the Beats of Beat less Heart) and Jeevanko Chheubaata (From the Bank of Life) (2010) and collections of marvelous songs called Hazaar Aankha Yee Aankhama (Thousands of Eyes onto these Eyes) (2001) to his credit. Suman Pokhrel is an important creative voice of South Asia. He is a poet with a strong tender voice. He partakes in the mundane aspect of life with a passion that makes his reader to elevate to a higher self. The impressionable images created by him allow his readers to introspect. His poems revolve around the nuances of life. The play around his choice of words creates magic in the minds of his readers. Pokhrel’s lyrics are marked for their musical qualities and literary verve. Pokhrel’s poems are published in various poetry journals and anthologies nationally and internationally. Pokhrel is the only poet to be awarded with prestigious SAARC Literary Award twice. He received this award in years 2013 and 2015.
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