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Love, Films and Rock n Roll: Humorous, Satirical, Nostalgic Youth Connect

September 8, 2013

Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll! is contemporary and has a sense of nostalgia for the GenY – 1 type of crowd.

By Pinaki Chakrabarti
Software Engineer, Kolkata

The first thing that struck me as when I read the book was that the book was well written. The events flow fluently without kinks which makes it an interesting read. True there are ‘filmi’ surprises along the way but then this book is about “Love, Films & Rock”.

I also liked the characters which are typical “common face in the crowd” kind of characters. Although I must say that I did find them to be a little more stereotype than to my liking

I also found the humor in the book really good. It has a sense of satire, it is practical and it isn’t gaudy. That’s a flair of writing that Swayam Ganguly has brought out very well. I have laughed at some of the jokes and situations which are generously placed all throughout the book.

The book is also contemporary and has a sense of nostalgia for the GenY – 1 type of crowd. The research done as part of writing the book and some of the facts stated in the book are worth digging in.

For example, I didn’t know the origin of the word ‘baul’ but now I do, thanks to the book. I know a lot of these facts can be had from the Internet with little effort, but when a story narrates them, they not only stick to your mind but also make dry facts interesting.

Another important point I found in this book, and I can’t say this for many, is that it can be easily adapted for a screenplay. The chapters are so well formed that they can act as different acts of the play or scenes, give or take what you want to make out of it.

Coupled with the fact that the book essentially has a happy ending makes it a great thing to adapt for a movie or play.

Three young men from different walks of life meet on a train, reach Kolkata, find love and struggle through the ups and downs of life. But in the end, love wins the day. I guess that’s why Love is the first word in Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll!

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