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My Little Brother

April 11, 2014 | By

A little sister’s poem about her toddler brother

By Malini Venkataraman
Std. III, Lakshmi School, Madurai


Sometimes he plays with toys

Sometimes he plays with toys

My little brother
He loves my mother

He can’t crawl
because he is small

Sometimes he plays with toys,
sometimes he lies on the floor

He sleeps well at night
but without any light!

Madhav is his name
he likes to see me playing a game

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Malini loves to write poems, short stories and very short stories.
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8 thoughts on “My Little Brother

  • Antara

    Well done Malini! You have a flair for writing. Write about your imaginations, experiences and travels… write about the books you loved, the movies you enjoyed, about your school, friends and family. Keep writing more, express your thoughts in words. It’s great fun!
    All the best!

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